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Lancia Delta EVO2 by Sartori Racing: A devastating sound


That the Lancia Delta is a sports performance legend is nothing new. A legend with many different variants. And, although they all have the same aggressive and radical point, there are quite significant differences between, for example, the HF 4WD and the brutal S4. In fact, perhaps this broad panorama of preparations was what made the Lancia Delta a car present in all types of rallies, since very different variants were offered within the same range. Today we go with the last of them all. And no, we are not talking about the S4.

We do not talk about it for the simple reason that, although in theory the 200 units necessary for its homologation in Group B were manufactured, this version has little to do with the street Lancia Delta. Removing from the equation the beast with which Henri Toivonen suffered the fatal accident that ended the history of this category, the latest version of the Lancia Delta is the EVO2. A rabid devourer with four cylinders, 16 valves, 215CV and a Garrett turbo set to 1 bar.

Produced only from 1993 to 1994, today the Lancia Delta EVO2 they are a most disputed unicorn. Starting from there, Sartori Racing He has curled the curl developing a preparation that, wow, sounds terrifying. And no, we do not mean at all that they have obtained a bad result. Quite the opposite. In fact, its behavior is so beastly that it makes a sound ... Well, that's terrifying. Before continuing reading, we recommend you turn up the speakers and listen. It produces both attraction and fear. Imposes.


If the Lancia Delta EVO2 are already radical in themselves, this unit prepared by Sartori Racing is a separate case. However, it can't surprise us too much coming from this true rally specialist. Let's take a quick look at his credentials: more than thirty years behind him, about 650 rallies contested, 40 of them from the world championship, winner of the Italian championship, 150 victories in various categories ... And all this being a workshop specialized in Lancia Delta. In short, the paradise for anyone passionate about the model.

On this occasion they have chosen to fully exploit the qualities of the Lancia Delta EVO2, creating a radical machine on all four sides. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you too much about the mechanical specifications of this unit, although the truth is that, judging by the sound and the aerodynamic inserts, they have to enhance the original model quite a bit. A model that, launched in 1993, was the sixth and last sporty evolution of the Lancia Delta.

lancia delta sound

Derived from the HF Integrale EVO1 "Deltona”, The EVO2 came to revalidate the successes of its predecessors. And be careful, because these were not minor. In fact EVO1 won the 1991 world championship with Juha Kankkunen at the controls. The swan song of the official team, since from this moment Lancia would no longer be as such in rallies. Something that joined the sale by FIAT of the Chivasso factory, in which models were assembled for decades like Fulvia or the same Delta.


Obviously the stock Lancia Delta EVO2s are not like the beast that Sartori Racing has developed. Basically because they have to comply with street approvals that this unit, lacking a license plate, surely does not have to respect. Hence his brutal sound coming out of an uncontrolled exhaust. But be careful, because the factory version from which it derives is not a simple utility either. In fact, already with the launch of the EVO1 version in 1991, the Lancia Delta's mood became more aggressive with eye-catching widened wheel arches.

lancia delta sound

Under the new body, the mechanics of the EVO2 improved 5CV compared to its predecessor. An improvement that may seem insignificant, but that rounded the whole up to 215CV at 5.750 rpm. A real merit of gaining power, even if it is little, if we take into account that EVO2 already included catalyst in all units. This issue required the engine tune-up. The order was made to Magneti Marelli, including a switchboard that improved performance. But how? Well, altering the injection to adapt to each cylinder.

Analyzing the temperature of the air with which the admission was made, the control unit makes decisions about detonation and turbo pressure. Something that, to those who are still attached to mechanics without computers involved, may seem like science fiction. Of course, all this put at the service of a radical and demanding way of understanding driving. Because that is the latest series evolution of the Lancia Delta (removing the S4 from the list): a song to the grossest of motorsport. Although, be careful, because in this Sartori Racing unit we believe that one more rung has been climbed.

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Miguel Sánchez

Written by Miguel Sánchez

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