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Description of Lancia Beta 2000 HPE For Sale

Lancia Beta 2000 HPE from 1979 in very good condition.

Prepared and approved. Registered historical vehicle (VH) in Spain. Belonging to a private collection. Full equipped; boosted engine, air conditioning, electric windows, power steering, sports exhaust line, adjustable spoiler, long-range auxiliary headlights and fog.

All documentation is perfectly in order. Valid MOT without notable defects of any kind. Vehicle in active use, proof of any displacement from the same delivery.

Sheet metal and paint in very good condition (the sheet is as if it had just been manufactured, no rust); the paint code is original from the time of the car and the front has been painted in the image of the Montecarlo variant.

Upholstered in sheepskin; very resistant and in the style of its time, respecting the pattern of the original model, with matching special mats. With multiple options, improved lighting both exterior and interior. Classic style audio equipment with current technology.

New foolproof electrical installation. Boosted engine; Weber IDF 2mm carburettors (x40) with open horns, Iresa competition intake manifolds, sports exhaust line (spectacular sound; pleasant to the ear and sporty), new battery, battery disconnect, new competition fuel pump, improved cooling system , new alternator (much larger).

BBS RS-type rims with polished throat and Lancia crest, new tires and brakes (discs and pads on 4 wheels), new lowered sports suspension, fins, adjustable Lancia Delta spoiler, Momo-type steering wheel shifted in leather back.

95% of it is original in the car, preserving even elements unthinkable in other copies, such as the original spare wheel cover, the louvers of the rear window, the adjustable and roller blind, etc.

He has never competed. Only the mechanics and the exterior have been made with the look of the few Lancia HP that raced in Rally, in order to achieve a more attractive, successful and sporty aesthetic. On the other hand, it is faster, happier and safer.

The vehicle is located in Bolaños, Ciudad Real, Spain.

Estimated Price: € 12990.0

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