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In Video: A Lamborghini Miura gliding on the snow

Thanks to the Lamborghini Winter Driver Academy we know how modern Lamborghinis wear themselves out outside of their natural habitat. It seems that Italian supercars get along quite well with ice and snow.

The most advanced models of the Sant 'Agata Bolognese brand have shown that they can face such fearsome elements but… Are their predecessors also capable? According to the video of Kidston that we bring you today (and from some other that we have already seen) at least the Lamborghini Miura he knows how to cope.

Through the story of Enzo Moruzzi, a worker for 38 years at the Lamborghini factory, the case of the controversial one is recounted Sha of Persia. Apparently, such was the love he felt for his Miura that he could not help but use it assiduously, even in the most crazy conditions ...

Don't ask how, just sit back and enjoy one of the most beautiful cars ever made skate gently on ice, snow ... or whatever they throw at it. Especially between the minutes 03:25 and 05:20. It's your 50th anniversary and you have to celebrate it.

What do you think?

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Alvaro Romagosa has a degree in International Relations and is passionate about music. Drummer of the indie group Gole Yaika, has decided to collaborate in 'La Escudería' so that you enjoy their news ...


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