lada niva is no longer sold

The Lada Niva is discontinued in the European Union


The Lada Niva has forged a legend of robustness and reliability hardly any significant changes since its launch in 1977. Designed to serve Russian peasants deep in the steppe, its toughness makes it a trustworthy car. That you are more than 40 degrees below zero in Siberia and the starter does not work? No problem! Most of the Niva units incorporate a crank that connects to the crankshaft.

And so many more elements. Not to mention its new suspension scheme with springs and rigid rear axle. News that in the seventies gave the Lada Niva a security. Y all for a fairly affordable price, which served him to achieve the nickname, saving the distances, of "The People's Range Rover".

However, there is an obstacle that Lada Niva has not been able to solve: the EVAP / ISC regulation. In force since this past September 1, this new European legislation introduces more restrictions on emissions, demanding parameters that, for now, AvtoVAZ considers impossible to comply with in the model. In sum, the fireproof Lada Niva has been discontinued in the European Union.


Although many think of the Lada Niva as a thing of the past, the truth is that it has always been easy to get a new one. After all, the model was imported by Lada Spain Russian Automobiles SAU, which has a wide network of authorized dealers and workshops. But nevertheless, the entry into force of more demanding environmental regulations paralyzed its sale in Europe for several months.

lada niva is no longer sold

Given that this new legislation caused some chaos when it was announced at once, the European Union itself launched the transitional regulation Euro 6-d Temp to give manufacturers a little more time. Thanks to that, AvtoVAZ put the Lada Niva back on the market in June after achieving homologation community in Germany. There, its 1-liter, four-cylinder, 7CV naturally aspirated gasoline engine passed the tests with 83 grams of CO226.

In addition, there was another cause for optimism for the future of the Lada Niva. And it is that after the purchase of more than 70% of AvtoVAZ shares by Renault In 2016, the Russian company was finally insured. There were no doubts about the continuity of production, which even gained new verve as the affordable 4 × 4 segment was on the rise. Something in which the Niva has been especially successful for decades.


When everything seemed to be going smoothly thanks to the Euro 6-d Temp and the grace time it gave for the adaptation of the engines ... EVAP / ISC appeared. More restrictive in terms of evaporative emissions, it has been the last straw for the commercialization of Niva in the European Union. Its entry into force on September 1 (about three months after being announced) made any homologation maneuver impossible for the Renault group.

But is this the end of the Lada Niva in the European Union? Well, the truth is that at the moment nothing can be assured, although the truth is that the future does not seem very promising. First Lada itself presented a 2018 × 4 prototype at the 4 Moscow Motor Show with a view to replacing the Niva. And secondly ... The truth is that the sales of the Niva in Europe do not justify an investment in order to adapt the car to the new legislation.

To give us an idea, last July (penultimate month of commercialization) in Spain only 3 Lada Niva were registered. Anyway remember that this car is almost indestructible, so its future is too. It will continue to be marketed in Russia, the Middle East, Asia ... Places where a 4 × 4 with easy mechanics, unmatched toughness and bomb-proof reliability is still a must.

What do you think?

Miguel Sánchez

Written by Miguel Sánchez

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