Who cares about money? Kenny Brack and Adrian Newey's Ford GT40

[dropcap] S [/ dropcap] It's about the pilot Kenny brack leading, to the open grave, a Ford GT40 1965. For those who do not know the event, say that the images correspond to one of the races of the 2013 Goodwood Revival. This is, surely, the best festival of speed Retro of the world. If you want to know more about it, our colleague Francisco Carrión explains what it's all about here in detail.

But what we were: driving this mythical Ford GT40 mk1 by the no less spectacular, by his ways, Kenny Brack ...

Ford GT40 and Kenny Brack at Goodwood Revival

Sure, the very famous races in the immense British estate of the mighty Lord march They have always been well known precisely for the greatness of their participants; both in relation to the human part (great figures of motorsport and many of the best drivers of yesterday and today) as well as the glamor of its powertrain.

Dozens of ultra-priced classics (we are talking about millions of euros) such as the Shelby Cobra, Aston Martin DB4 GT or even more than several Ferrari GTO 250 they 'measure their backs' against each other and are driven to the limit without hesitation or concessions. It is pure magic.

But what about Kenny brack, with this Ford GT40 '65, and in the wet ... It is already a separate league. Daring to get the most out of a machine like that, with wheels of that caliber and constantly aquaplaning may well deserve the most applause. But don't you notice the value of the car ?, they ask him in the interview after the race, which I leave you under the wonderful onboard video.

[quote] »No, not at all. It is like riding a horse or dealing with a bull. If you fear him he will kill you. But if you take it by the horns and with determination, you will handle the situation ». [/ Quote]

Now think about it: Would you be able to drive an indomitable monster like that, with a central engine and some 500 HP, in the rain, with wheels from the time, at full throttle ... And more knowing that it costs about 4 million euros… And that is also owned by Adrian Newey?

I said, a delight for the eyes and ears. Thank you Kenny!, For ... having them of steel and give us these images!

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What do you think?

Written by Alexander palomo

Being a millionaire and buying all the cars in the world sounded difficult, so becoming a motorist journalist and driving them for free seemed more tangible ... As well as romantic. My greatest triumph has been being able to dedicate myself to cars from many points of view: journalism, organization of events and commercial training. I love my work life!


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