Parking of the ITV IDV station of "El Carralero" on the day of the inaugural rally

To ITV, better accompanied

I think I am not mistaken if I affirm that we are all apprehensive about facing the periodic appointments with the ITV of our vehicles. These are still exams and therefore have their risks, even if they are well prepared. Regulations are changing a lot and, due to ignorance, we may find that some of our efforts do not adapt to the new legal framework.

It may also happen that the examiner does not have sufficient historical knowledge (not technical) to evaluate our vehicle, insisting on rejecting things that are not original or demanding compliance with standards that were not applicable at the time of its registration. Of course, unforeseen events can also occur or that we coincide with an inspector having a bad day (even the most beautiful people have it).

Everything indicates that this control is going to become more and more specialized, requiring from us a greater knowledge of the regulations and ITV much more information than they currently handle in order to correctly evaluate the originality of our precious vehicles.

I think that things can be done to make this process more bearable (and even attractive). Initiatives that would also favor that this inspection could also have a training dimension for technicians and amateurs, as a result of their interaction. Ideas all of them that are available to any of our clubs and associations and that should be well received at any ITV station to which they are proposed since, after all, we are their most promising clients.

As will be explained below, «La Escudería» has reached an agreement with the ITV group IDV (Photo: Francisco «Campari» Lázaro)

Joint inspections

The axis of the whole plan that I am going to explain revolves around the idea of ​​organizing ourselves to pass the ITV jointly, instead of each one going "on his own". These periodic concentrations (monthly, quarterly) in an ITV station in our town or region that already stands out for its sensitivity and knowledge about the old vehicle, would make possible many things that we will never have separately:

First, the opportunity to share those hours with other fans and friends will eliminate the bland nature and also much of the stress of this process. Also, once everyone is assembled, it is much easier to continue the party with a beautiful scheduled route, a good meal or both.

Second scheduling these meetings in advance will allow ITV to select the best qualified personnel from its staff for this task.

Third. Special attentions can be negotiated with the ITV, such as parking space, a free coffee, some discount in the inspection fees, or a long etcetera.

Fourth. The joint inspection allows a greater and better dissemination of information, both on standards and on historical issues, thus favoring that errors are not repeated due to lack of knowledge. To promote this formative facet, I think it would be magnificent if these visits ended with a round table between inspectors and fans in which, as a briefing of regularity events, all the problems detected that did not have to see strictly with mechanical failures.

It could be attended from other meetings, such as from the Market
of Old Vehicles of Villaviciosa de Odón (Photo: Francisco «Campari» Lázaro)

Agreement between IDV Group and La Escudería

The digital magazine The Escuderia has collected this witness reaching an agreement with IDV, an important group of ITV stations who also supports this publication as a sponsor and who wants to stand out and differentiate themselves through a particularly careful and personalized customer service.

By virtue of this agreement, its station located in the Polígono de «El Carralero» in Majadahonda (Madrid), run by a fan of the classics, will open its doors every third Sunday of the month in the morning to serve vintage and classic vehicles they come forward.

In addition, they will invite us to coffee and are studying applying a small discount and the possibility of awarding annual prizes to the best preserved vehicles. This pilot test began on April 21 and it will be repeated monthly as long as at least 10 vehicles attend the appointment.

The next one would be this Sunday at 12:30 p.m. and, for it to take place, you need to confirm your attendance by sending an email to the email address In turn, once the number of vehicles mentioned is reached, we will confirm its final celebration.

The ITV IDV station of «El Carralero» will host us on the third Sundays of each month (Photo: Francisco «Campari» Lázaro)

A good starting point to go would be the crowded Antique Vehicle Market held in the neighboring town of Villaviciosa de Odón and that we highly recommend.

If the activity is satisfactory for everyone, it could also be launched in other provinces. As soon as we support it, this initiative could be the germ of another important service that - such as insurance - ends up being provided "tailored" to our special needs throughout Spain. From here I encourage all clubs to try it in their respective areas.


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Sergio Romagosa

Written by Sergio Romagosa

Sergio Romagosa designed in 1988 the first special Spanish insurance for classic and vintage vehicles. Likewise, in 1996 he founded "La Escudería", the first Hispanic portal for lovers of historic vehicles. He made his hobby his profession, and in his garage we can find from a Lancia Gamma Coupé to a Morgan Three Wheeler. A recalcitrant optimist, for him our precious pots are a cultural heritage that must be preserved and defended as such.


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