Interclassics and Topmobiel Maastricht

A visit to Interclassics Maastricht in the Netherlands is an incentive because, chronologically, it opens the fire of the great classics salons that are held in Europe every year and allows defining the general trend in comparison with the events that have closed the previous season. In Maastricht, the saying might apply "Whoever hits first, hits twice."

The famous city of the Treaty of the European Union has historical resonances for Spain and for characters that are believed to be fictional but that existed in real life, such as the musketeer D'Artagnan, mortally wounded during the siege of the city by the Spanish thirds.

Today, the presence of Spanish fans in Maastricht is more peaceful, admiring and enjoying the many exceptional classics exhibited at "Interclassics and Topmobiel". Held from January 11 to 13, 2013, the recent edition has confirmed the stabilization of prices that had remained on the rise in 2012. Some models for which losses in their price were expected after the celebrations of their fiftieth anniversary, such as Jaguar E, remain stable, with good examples of the series 1 in version roadster that do not fall below 80.000 euros.

For those who want to feel like a star. 911 ex-Robert Redford
For those who want to feel like a star. 911 ex-Robert Redford

Similarly, Porsche, which is preparing for the festivities of the fiftieth anniversary of the 911, takes positions among fans who drive up the price of a sports model so characteristic of the mid and late XNUMXs. The price hike for pre-1974 models is now confirmed in much more recent versions. The 3,2, especially the best equipped from 1988 and 1989, if they have little mileage, are already negotiated exceeding 50.000 euros. A figure that still seems reasonable compared to the 150.000 euros on average reached by the Dino 246. As an example, the author witnessed the immediate sale for 55.000 euros of a 911 3,2 from 1988, although it is true that it was a specimen with only 38.000 km.

It would be more expensive without a doubt a Porsche 911 3,2 Cabriolet in its wide body version or Turbolook that was put up for sale with the claim to have belonged to Robert Redford. Indeed, a certificate provided by the seller ensures that the actor was the first owner of the car, which reminds us of the images from the film Spy Game (Spy Game, 2001) in which the actor was driving a 911, a coupe on that occasion. Let us remember that, in August 2011, a 911 surpassed the astronomical price of one million dollars (1.375.000, to be exact) at auction, due to the circumstance of appearing in the film Le Mans (1971) hosted by Steve McQueen, to whom it also belonged in real life.

The Atom, at the beginning of Aston Martin's prestige in 1939
The Atom, at the beginning of Aston Martin's prestige in 1939

The focus of Interclassics and Topmobiel it was double this time. On the one hand, it was paying tribute to the centenary of Aston Martin and, on the other, an exceptional sample of Bugatti Grand Prix vehicles had been assembled, some of them on loan from the well-known Mulhouse museum.

Although among Aston Martin there were much more interesting and rare specimens to see, such as the Atom, the most popular car among visitors was the DB5, from the famous secret agent 007. One of the genuine cars used in the movie Goldfinger had come to Maastricht from the Louwman collection, based in The Hague. The car looked with some of its gadgets deployed, such as the bulletproof screen protecting the rear window or the retractable bumpers. More interest was for those interested in the history of the brand the 3 A1921, which was the oldest of those that made up the show and the first Aston Martin to participate in a Grand Prix (Strasbourg, 1923). The car is currently owned by the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.

As far as Bugatti is concerned, the greatest expectation was around the Type 32 "Tank" 1923, with a very advanced aerodynamic design for its time. The car participated in the 1923 Grand Prix de Tours and could reach 170 km / h. Close to the "Tank", a Type 13 Brescia of only 1.496 cc contrasted which, despite being from 1925, had a much more conservative appearance. With the hood removed, the Brescia let you admire the interiors of the mechanics.

Bugatti's aerodynamic "Tank" continues to make people talk
Bugatti's aerodynamic 'Tank' still raving about

Among prestigious collections and dealers, the Houtkamp Collection joined the Aston Martin centennial festivities with several vehicles for sale worthy of any contest of elegance, including the signature business card, a perfectly restored 2 DB1952. As they say, whoever needs to ask the price could not buy it.

For their part, the Mercedes-Benz 190SL, frequently relegated to a second-tier role by their older brother the 300SL, are beginning to show their teeth and, when it comes to expensive restorations such as those that were admired in Maastricht, they already exceed 100.000 euros and threaten to continue increasing in their price, even if they are not considered sports cars, but pleasure cars.

A car that leaves no doubt as to its sportiness is the Arnolt-Bristol, with its light and aggressive Bertone bodywork, its Borrani wheels and its shield sporting a striking winged Pegasus. (ENASA's Pegasus, in case you haven't noticed, is devoid of them). A large part of the total production of this car found its destination in club competitions in the United States; and one of these magnificent specimens, having been sold to its first owner by the Chicago importer, aroused the interest of several prospective buyers.


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Mario Laguna

Written by Mario Laguna

Mario Laguna, author of the book "The Pegaso Adventure", scholar and observer of the history of motor racing, brands and characters. Regular visitor to automobile competitions, whether of current or historical categories, international contests of elegance, lecturer ... View all


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