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III Retro Auto & Moto Valencia

[dropcap] N [/ dropcap] I've never liked writing about a fair. I consider it to be the most thankless job you face when you want to inform the reader. Without realizing it, the writer finds himself under certain pressures. To inform as objectively as possible, try to take the pulse of the organizer, the visitor, the exhibitor, the simple fan who only wants to have a good time with colleagues who share their hobby, the new hobbyist eager to acquire knowledge, etc ...

As one might suppose, the points of view and interests of all of them are so different that they never coincide. And in the end, we end with the old phrase that "Each one tells the fair how it is going"; but that is never accurate.

Retro Valencia, from different angles

In the contest that we are dealing with today, the organization has taken care to present parallel activities that are attractive to many fans. Congratulations, because these events have a hidden work that cannot be appreciated by any visitor. I am referring to the tribute to Adrian Campos, to the exhibition of the cars that drew its record, to the activity of the clubs among which on this occasion it is worth highlighting the work of the Classic Motor Club de L'Horta for the contribution of the magnificent specimens that show a piece of the history of the most emblematic automobiles of recent times.

The general opinion of the exhibitors coincides with the excellent service received by the organization in all aspects. This is a highlight of the contest since it is not usually the common currency of these events.

The visitor, who I consider the most important, since it is the one that consumes the services of the fair -and in the end, new editions depend on it-, it has so many facets and interests that it is difficult to satisfy. Let me explain: The man who found in the market that left handle of his Ford A, which he had been looking for for so long, simply because of that circumstance will leave the room satisfied. Contrary to the one who hoped to acquire in this edition that motorcycle with which he started, and has found it, but it was out of his budget.

Modern times and expectations fulfilled

As I do not intend to bore you with reflections that although certain I decide to finish, I will tell you that in this III edition of Retro Auto & Moto Valencia It can be classified as a goal achieved, since although it is difficult to pin down, the majority believe that the objectives have been exceeded. The commercial aspect of the recambistas coincides in the competition that in recent times means the Internet; and this is when we find the biggest differences.

Some have told me that they have not come to cover the expenses, and others their sales success. I have personally appreciated the general trend to price haggling simply by system; It is possible that this attitude is influenced by the fashion programs related to the sector in recent times. Let me explain, again: I consider a counter offer logical on many occasions, but totally out of place when the price of the spare corresponds to the part.

Perhaps it is the trend of some fans, but I continue to affirm that you have to be mentally aware that if you find a spare part that is more than fifty years old in its original container, you cannot pretend that the price is that of the label that it displayed in its day.

Resumiendo: General opinion due to the good organization, diversity of interesting models as you can see in the images, variety of topics within the historical automotive sector, and all the ingredients for the visitor to leave satisfied waiting for the next edition. By the way, among them I found people from places as different as Donostia and Murcia. The button is sufficient as a sample.


More photos of Retro Auto & Moto Valencia

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Written by Arturo Borgia

Journalist and writer. He founded the first magazine dedicated to collectible motorcycles to be published in Spain, Motos de Ayer, and he remained in his direction for more than ten years. For the last 25 years he has dedicated his work to what he likes to call immediate history, to the development of the automotive industry ... See more

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