Holiday House Geographic 1961 Caravan

Holiday House Geographic 1961: Motorhome for space travel


The United States expanded at the stroke of a cart. Settlers and more settlers crossing the great prairies to the Wild West. That was a long time ago, but Such a founding milestone always remains etched in the collective subconscious. If not, how to explain the powerful motorhome industry in America?

They are not very popular here, and when you see some they almost always come from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany ... It is as if in Spain we still associate caravans with merchant wagons. But nevertheless these mobile homes have reached not inconsiderable levels of design and refinement.

A good example of this would be this 1961 Holiday House Geograpchic. A top of the range caravans of the sixties, equipped with futuristic lines that today shine again thanks to a magnificent restoration. An almost unique piece - only two units of this model remain - brought back to life by Flyte Camp Vintage Trailers.


The Holiday House Geographic was successfully manufactured between 1959 and 1962. Although at the accounting level this did not come so much for the number of sales as for the amount of each one. This caused the caravan to be nicknamed "Trailer for the Rich". It was literally a small luxury apartment on wheels. A futuristic capsule where black cedar and teak woods coexist with marble and soft fabrics.

Beyond the comforts, the first thing that stands out is its design. Now we consider it retrofuturistic, but thanks to the spatial euphoria of the 50s, these lines were the best of the moment. A bodywork along we-leave-to-mars-in-5-minutes designed by Charles pelly, who curiously was the set designer for Lost in Space in 1961.

The series narrated a space mission set in 1997, wrapping the future in huge amounts of albal paper. When 1997 came true, the albal role was associated with sandwiches and heroin; paradoxes of history. Intergalactic fashions aside, Charles Pelly designed this caravan just after delivering his first major commission: the bodywork of the Scarab racing cars.


Perhaps one of the reasons why there are only two copies of Holiday House Geographic left is that in 1962 a fire destroyed most of the molds. It was discontinued shortly after birth. So documenting yourself to perform a factory reset can be very time consuming. However the recovery work is quite faithful to what this caravan had to be in 1961.

Only details like some LED lighting, the DVD system and four solar-powered batteries credit certain updates. Otherwise he has returned to original state. At the same time, the three water tanks have been made operational. Each of them with about 130 liters. One freshwater, one black and one gray.

Oh, and all set with a hot-cold system. A panoply of comforts and spatial design that has already won several awards at classic motorhome fairs like the one in Palms Springs 2018. The final bill thrown by this Holiday House Geographic from 1961 allows you to pay many hotel nights, but what its new owner takes is a piece of American history. A truly "Space wagon".

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Miguel Sánchez

Written by Miguel Sánchez

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