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Gallery: All SEATs with 1430 engine

Present in the SEAT range between 1969 and 1984, the 1430 engine showed enormous versatility. In addition, it served to launch Formula 1430, the best pilot school in our country.

To place the 1430 engine, we will say that it was a block of 4 cylinder of the Otto cycle, with a displacement of 1.438 cm3, which was rounded to name it commercially. Engine drift 1.197 cm3 from the 124, although its displacement was increased thanks to a larger diameter of the pistons.

It was fed by a Bressel or Weber brand 32 DHS carburettor, depending on the version, and originally delivered 70 CV at 5.400 laps. Later, it was boosted to 75 CV, until it reached 77 CV in its latest evolution. Torque figures were 105, 111 and 113 Nm respectively.

SEAT 1430 engine
SEAT's 1430 mechanics.


It had two valves per cylinder and a lateral camshaft moved by rods and rockers. As a curiosity, it was mounted longitudinally on the 1430, 124D and 131, while in 128, Sport 1430 “Bocanegra”, Rhythm, Fura Chrono and Round It was located transversely. Mounting him on the F1430 It was longitudinal and, moreover, it exerted a bearing function.

Without further ado, let's review, chronologically, the list of all the models that mounted the SEAT 1430 engine.


SEAT 1430: It was presented at the 1969 Barcelona Salon and was the first model to be equipped with the 1430 mechanics, which also served to rename the model. Based on the 124, it received aesthetic and finishing improvements and more complete equipment to position itself above. The 1430 was named Car of the Year for 1970.

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