Abandoned SEAT 850 N

Finding: this abandoned SEAT 850 N is looking for someone to rescue it

He sleeps the sleep of the righteous in the parking lot of an old roadside restaurant, from where he sees the roads he once walked along.

The protagonist of our story today is a SEAT 850 N abandoned to its fate for a long time. We are talking about a Normal model, although, as in the case of the 600 N, This name was never official, but it served to differentiate it from the Special. In this case, it mounted full 12-inch wheels, elements that the 850 abandoned remains, as well as the four tires. Curiously, the left rear one is not his, but rather a Barreiros model.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. SEAT 850 They were manufactured between 1966 and 1974, but, although they appeared nine years after the 600, they are technically a continuation of the latter. In this case, our protagonist's license plate is from the last year of the model, hence, he equips some ventilation outlets such as 600 L Special. In addition, it also sports the typical aluminum protectors for the rear lights and even a reverse one that was added at the time. On the contrary, the exterior mirror seems more modern than it should.

El cabin does not seem too battered, but since we cannot access the interior of the car, we cannot certify it 100%. The seats could be the original ones, although they are covered with fabrics. In addition, it has headrests that are a later addition. Neither we can know the state of the mechanics, although the exterior appearance suggests that it has not been started for many years.


Yes, it is true that, at least externally, It doesn't seem far-fetched to think about bringing him back to life., since there are not too many oxides visible. It is likely that you spent time indoors before arriving at your current location. Of course, if someone sets out to restore it, it is best to keep in mind that it will be difficult to recover the investment in a future sale. That is, if someone dares, they better do it. thinking about enjoying it, not about doing business.

Then We leave you with the video from the channel Alfredo Yugo's YouTube so you can see all the details of the Abandoned SEAT 850 N. As always, we recommend you follow his channel so you don't miss any of his discoveries.

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Written by Ivan Vicario Martin

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