european ford capri revival

First European Ford Capri Revival

[dropcap] L [/ dropcap] On August 14, 15 and 16, the Däichhal congress area in the small town of Ettelbrück in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg held the 1st European meeting of Ford Capri organized by the Association of Friends of Ford Capri of Luxembourg.

This concentration went beyond a simple vehicle exposure: 135 Ford Capri from 8 countries gathered in the parking area of ​​the Däichhal congress area. To promote camaraderie among all the participants, a camping area was prepared around the exhibition area where all of them could spend the night.

Despite the beauty of the cars, the most important thing was the different activities that were carried out. On Friday 14, after the reception of the classics, a barbecue was held that lasted until late at night with the presence of a disc jockey.

Trips from Burgos

On Saturday 15, from very early, the participants began with a breakfast, mechanical shows, a parts market ... In the afternoon, prizes were distributed in different categories and the party lasted until dawn.

Finally, on Sunday the 16th, after lunch, the cars left the place. There were quite a few who stood out in this concentration: On the one hand, the Capri of the Spanish Fernando Díez, who traveled from Burgos with his family, becoming the car of the most distant participant country.

On the other hand, the Gunston Capri A2, which is a clone of the Gunston Capri Perana, a legend in South Africa and in the rest of the world. This car has a 302 hp 450 cubic inch Ford engine with an America designed 5 speed Tremec transmission. It is the only copy of the original South African car and was completed in June 2010.

An American to the European

Evidently 135 Ford Capri go a long way. From the first models presented at the 1968 Geneva Motor Show to the third-generation Capri with the powerful 2800 cc V6 engine of the 80s. The most common mechanics were the 2.0 and 2.3 in all its MKII variants and in what Regarding the first generation GT models.

El Ford Capri could be considered a "rare" car. His potential customers were drivers who needed more than two seats, but wanted a sports car at all costs. Its design, mechanics and performance, its engines and, above all, its character made this pony car to the European a real revelation.

Given the success of this 1st edition, the organizers are already preparing the 2nd, which is expected to attract even more vehicles. Hopefully it will be like that.


More European Ford Capri Revival images ...


Written by Mikel Erauzkin

Mikel Erauzkin is one of our northern collaborators ...

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