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Ferrari F40: Video on fire

Who has never dreamed of exploiting that unattainable sports car to the fullest? All of us, to a greater or lesser extent, dream of a special car, with a machine with which to enjoy each curve, with each gear change… and if that car is the Ferrari F40, don't miss this video that we bring you. Yes, you will feel a lot of envy, but it is worth it.

Few brands can boast of aura and the followers that Ferrari has. Despite being a very demanding car firm with everything around them, even with what is done with one of their cars once purchased, Ferrari is a highly desired and absolutely respected brand. They are a bit arrogant, it is totally true, and it is also true that their cars are somewhat delicate, but works of art require more care. 

It is logical that a Ferrari is a delicate car, the more features a vehicle has, the more demanding is its maintenance and the more chances of breakage. Especially if the model in question is a Ferrari F40, an almost racing car but approved for driving on public roads. So racing, that the sound insulation shines by its absence, like some door panels worthy of the name or any comfort equipment, all in pursuit of achieving a weight reduction that would make it faster, more efficient and of course, more than racing. 

What is it like to drive a Ferrari F40? Well, we have no idea, we have never had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one and quite possibly, we never will. We will be left with the desire to drive a device with this one, mythical among mythical. But at least it's relatively easy to get an idea of ​​what a sports car that, in case you've forgotten, is over 30 years old has to offer. Introduced in 1987 for Ferrari's 40th anniversary and it quickly became one of the most desired sports cars in the world. 

V8 biturbo, manual gearbox, without electronic aids ... 

The Ferrari F40 was the best of the brand in those years, something especially racing. He had (and has) a 8-liter V2.9 engine (specifically 2.936 cubic centimeters) assisted by two IHI turbos capable of generating 478 hp and reaching 324 km / h. It was a turbocharged engine from the old days, with a delay in the response, with a huge kick when the two turbos blow with force and all this without any electronic aids, pure and hard driving for artists of the steering wheel. And beware, a steering wheel that moved a direction without assistance, which was accompanied by brakes also without assistance and without ABS ...

And yet there are people who "play" with these jewels, which can fetch more than a million and a half euros in auctions. In the following video, posted by “Drive N Slide”(Something like“ driving sideways ”), we can see how a Ferrari F40 attacks the curves and slides from behind as if it were easy to do, a video recorded using the “POV” technique (Point of View, point of view) in some parts and showing what the pedal set is like in others, allowing us to dream of what it would be like to get behind the wheel of the 40th anniversary Ferrari. 

A video, by the way, quite neat and well-assembled, which in just six minutes becomes short.

What do you think?

Written by Javi Martin

If you ask me where my love for motoring comes from, I wouldn't know how to answer. It has always been there, although I am the only one in the family who likes this world. My father worked as a draftsman in a metallurgical company with a lot of auto parts production, but there was never a passion like I can have.

I really like the history of the automobile and I am currently creating a personal library dedicated exclusively to the history of the motor in Spain, without forgetting the motorcycles that gave so much service in our "old" Spain. I also have a huge collection of scanned material.


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