Ferrari 412 Pick Up

They transform a Ferrari 412 into a pick-up

You may have already read this news elsewhere, as we were aware of it about a month ago. We tried to tell you about it then, but the truth is that it was a painful blow that we have been slow to digest until now: a beautiful Italian GT dressed in Pininfarina turned into a pick-up, Oh my god!

The Ferrari 400 -and before the 365 GT4 2 + 2- was the successor to the mythical Daytona and, it seems, the first automatic model from the house of Maranello. Underneath its fine lines there is a V12 engine with between 310 and 340 HP of power, which cannot prevent the behavior of the whole from being, let's say, improvable. Or at least that's what is said in Top Gear and the BBC.

Launched in 1976, around 1985 the 400 increased its cubic capacity to become the 412, which has been the main model of the heretical transformation that we bring to these electronic pages today.

Ferrari 412
Ferrari 412
Nice original design, by Pininfarina (By Pat durkin)

Those responsible are the boys of the London Motor Museum, an institution that is dedicated to customization and later exhibition of old vehicles. Run by a collector who simply calls himself Elo and who has more than 200 cars, from now on it will be the institution where the History Channel program will be shot. Ultimate Wheels. Apparently, one of the stars of the show will be the Ferrari 412 Pick-Up.

Is it just me or does any reader also see some incongruity in that a History channel bases at least one of its automotive shows in a museum of customizations that often include modern elements? Anyway, English TV has a good reputation, so I'll have to give it a vote of confidence.

The work in detail

Let's go back to the work done. To get started, the inevitable saw had to be put in in order to get rid of the rear seats. By dragging the C-pillars about a foot forward, the harmonious proportions designed by Pininfarina have been vandalized. Certainly disturbing is also the inclusion of a protruding air intake in the hood, as to my knowledge the V12 has not been moved around or the intake system has been varied.

Ferrari 412 Pick Up
Ferrari 412 Pick Up
1- The air intake may not fulfill any function
2- However, it looks like a quality wooden box

On the other hand, the rear suspension has been reinforced to fulfill the new loading tasks, and the exhaust now includes a valve that allows the driver to decide if he wants to make more or less noise with his new van. Why would anyone want to mute that wonderful V12? It is incomprehensible ... A high quality Bang & Olufsen sound system finishes fixing the matter, in case anyone still doubted the contempt to which it is possible to subject the mechanics of the legendary Daytona.

Still, I have to say that I like the finish of the wooden box; and in addition Elo affirms that in the own Ferrari the group has liked a lot. If this information is true, and although the Il Commendatore brand is still reluctant to enter the SUV sector, who knows if it will do so in the pick-up sector? Jokes aside, I hope you liked this late news.

* Images of the pick-up provided by London Motor Group


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