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Ferrari 328 GTS, fit for a king

Our friends from WISYC show us their berlinetta. The 328 is the nobility made automobile; as described by a wise man, a whole 'fat kart' ...


In 1968 Ferrari presented the 246. The first horse produced on a large scale, which dispensed with the everlasting Maranello V12s to mount a 6 liter V2 at 4º. At just 195CV, this model had nothing to do with the defining big GTs framed in the 250 saga. Additionally, the engine in transverse mid-rear position was a break from the typical front longitudinal placement. Under these premises, the 246 was so new that it needed its own brand so as not to tarnish the Ferrari signs.

That is why Dino was created. The commercial name under which Enzo Ferrari thought to distribute the range of access models marked by less power and a more adjusted price. However, and although in recent years the 246 has seen its prices rise in an incredible way in the classic market, the truth is that the idea did not finish curdling. While this model was always marketed under the Dino brand, the other vehicle of the same ended up integrated into the Ferrari range under the name of 308 GT4. An apparent failure that, in reality, was the rehearsal of one of Ferrari's greatest successes: the launch of the mid-engined V8.

Endowed with a good weight / power ratio, excellent dynamic behavior and an approach as an access model, These new Ferraris managed to make their way into a company that knew how to reinvent its range until then defined by the twelve-cylinder GT. In fact, the success inspired by the Dino 246 has been of such caliber that it continues to this day. with a saga in which 9 models are enrolled. All of them, from 308 in 1975 to F8 in 2019, marked by a decisive success to consolidate the Maranello accounts.

As a second exponent of this long evolution we find the Ferrari 328 from 1985. Natural evolution of 308, is pony of which just over 7.400 units were produced, it was presented in two versions: The GTB, roofed in the form of a berlinetta, and the GTS, open-air in targa mode. Options shared with its ancestor the Dino 246, from which it inherits the characteristics that have made it one of the Ferraris most loved by Tifosi brand.


Although the mechanics and behavior of the Ferrari 328 are really attractive, the truth is that this model enters through the eyes. For this reason, a great credit must be given to Pininfarina, which knew how to carry the smooth curves raised by Aldo brovarone in 246 at a time marked by the straight line announced in rehearsals as the 512 Module. In addition, the 328 improved on the already good drag coefficient of the 308, taking advantage of the data extracted prototype Millechiodi. An experiment carried out by Pininfarina in 1977 from which improvements were later implanted in the 328 but also in the imposing 288 GTO.

Regarding the mechanics, it not only delivers 272CV at a rate of 85 per liter. It also gives the name to the model, with 328 being a reference to the 3 liters of displacement and the 2 cylinders. A not inconsiderable engine for the only 1263 dry kilos marked by the GTB, increased by 10 for the present GTS version. For the entertainment of the most purists, the engine four valves of the Ferrari 328 is atmospheric. Very marked characteristic in the saga of the rear-engined V8, which did not see the massive incorporation of the turbo until the 488 of 2015 more than in rare and special versions such as the 1986 GTB / S Turbo or the pioneer 208 GTB Turbo from 1982, marketed only in Italy.

In terms of performance, the top is marked at 263 km / h with an acceleration from 0 to 100 in 6,4 seconds. Speeds stopped by a braking system that in 1988 introduced ABS as an option, improving the disc system with which to control this Ferrari mounted on a tubular steel chassis. In addition, as regards the change, it is directly linked to the engine, being a manual with five short gears for a driving that some testers resemble that of a kart. In short, all aimed at making the Ferrari 328 a fun entry model to the Maranello company.


Despite the Anglo-Saxon name, We Inspect & Sell Your Car is a new Spanish company dedicated to the appraisal and sale of classics. Specialized in the visual registration of the car, it shows all its aspects, generating an accurate vision of its condition and value. In addition, its system simplifies and provides the necessary information for the purchase and sale of the vehicle, giving a guarantee to the buyer and more possibilities to whoever sells.. Distancing themselves from the pathways where the scant data provided generates a high degree of mistrust between the parties. In this way, WISYC is presented as an interesting option for the sales of classics, even more so if we take into account the lack of commission.

WISYC is responsible for offering this 328 Ferrari 1989 GTS. Year for which it already has ABS, as well as an air conditioning that, surely, the most purists of the brand would never connect. Character that we do not know about its first owner. Or rather, user. And is that, for reasons of discretion, this 328 was registered by a person other than the driver.

Used by Juan Carlos I from 1989 to 1992, this Ferrari 328 was named after Nicolás Cotoner Martos. Son of Nicolás Cotoner and Cotoner -Head of the Royal Household from 1975 to 1990-, his name guaranteed the discretion of its use by the Head of State. A use that did not last for many years, making this horse go through several hands until today. Of course, always without leaving Spain, having been owned by a Barcelona surgeon and a collector who have left the odometer in just 38.000 kms.

A measured mileage, which is accompanied by the good condition of components such as the upholstery or the roof, especially sensitive in this GTS version. For the rest, its last technical inspection took place in a positive way in 2021. Something that helps, always according to WISYC, the absence of rust and the little patina registered in its color Racing red. Characteristic that gives even more charm to this unit with which to enjoy the history of the V8 Ferrari in the open air. One of the first vehicles offered by We Inspect & Sell Your Car (WISYC). We will show you the rest! 😉

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Miguel Sánchez

Written by Miguel Sánchez

Through the news from La Escudería, we will travel the winding roads of Maranello listening to the roar of the Italian V12; We will travel Route66 in search of the power of the great American engines; we will get lost in the narrow English lanes tracking the elegance of their sports cars; We will speed up the braking in the curves of the Monte Carlo Rally and we will even get dusty in a garage while rescuing lost jewels.


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