Sold: Ferrari 250 GTO for 38 million euros

The law of supply and demand continues to do its thing. Just four days ago Bloomberg, media specialized in economics, published that the Ferrari 250 GTO chassis No. 5111GT had been sold in a private operation for 52 million dollars or, what is the same, for just over 38 million euros.

The parties involved in the transaction have not confirmed the amount - three high-level purchases have been made - but if true, it would be the highest paid for a car to date.

It would have taken little time to exceed the approximately 22 million euros paid in July for an F1 Mercedes W196 ex-Fangio during an auction of the Bonhams house. And, as far as Ferrari is concerned, the 20 million disbursed in August, also at auction - this time from RM Auctions - would remain far behind for a 275 GTB / 4 Spider Nart; or the 26 of the 250 GTO ex-Moss sold in May of last year.

Do you think the value of this Cavallino model is justified? Is it a legend or is it fashionable? Both? Please leave us your comment below.

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