Francisco Conde Alpine Fasa dies
On the left, Francisco Conde, father of the Alpine FASA (Via Club Alpine Valencia)

Paco Conde, FASA Alpine Chief Engineer, dies


On June 28, Francisco Conde Díez-Alegría died in Valladolid at the age of 84.

Paco, as we friends called him, he was an industrial engineer and responsible for the manufacture of the alpine Fasa in the Valladolid factory during the period 1963-1978, which were the years of production of the model.

If there was anyone who knew everything about the berlineta, this was Paco Conde; you could spend hours with him, listening to him talk enthusiastically about the alpine and the entire manufacturing process from its origins. Any aspect that was not clear and concrete enough, he kindly qualified it, explaining why it was done this way and not another.

[quote align = 'left'] Good communicator, fighter, methodical, kind, cultured; were just some of its qualities ... [/ quote]

When i wrote my book 'Alpine, myth and passion', Paco made the introduction, talking about the entire manufacturing process of the alpine Fasa, broadly and methodically. It was a well of wisdom on the subject, perhaps the one that could provide you with the most information.

Paco Conde was also known for his fantastic Alpines collection (Photo: ClassicAuto)
Paco Conde was also known for his fantastic Alpines collection (Photo: ClassicAuto)

Paco Conde, passionate about the Alpine

I was lucky that he agreed to come to the presentation of my book, in October 2001 on the occasion of the Barcelona Autoretro Fair; and gave us a masterful talk to all those attending the event. His lectures were of the deepest knowledge of both mechanics, chassis, paint, etc. alpine. He didn't leave any loose ends. He was a good communicator when he spoke of this beautiful vehicle that he directed in its production at the Valladolid factory.

A few years before in Dijon (France), I coincided with Paco Conde and Lemondin, two people responsible for the alpine. Paco in Fasa and Lemondin de la berlinette in France. It was a unique experience to be with perhaps the two people who knew the most about alpines. I could go on talking about the trajectory of Paco Conde, but for this they are already the newspaper archives. Good communicator, fighter, methodical, kind, cultured ... they were just some of Paco's qualities.

From these humble lines my most expressive condolences to the family of one person unique, complete, and that somehow transformed our society by incorporating one of the most beautiful sports vehicles in history. D.E.P

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