The Disintegration of Fabian Oefner

La MAD Gallery, Located in Geneva, it hosts from November 27 to May 2014 a series of automobile photographs by the Swiss artist Fabian Oefner. He has made his reputation by merging the fields of art and science, creating images that reach both the heart and the brain. Thus, in recent years, he has dedicated himself to capturing moments in life that are invisible to the human eye, such as sound waves, centripetal forces, iridescence or magnetic ferrofluids, among others.

Now, the new exhibition includes the series Disintegrating y Be born. The three photographs in the first are magnified views of classic sports cars, meticulously crafted by the artist in order to create the illusion of their explosion. Starting from modeling models that he was disassembling, to achieve his purpose he has immortalized each piece in a specific position.

Before proceeding to the disassembly work, the Swiss drew the place where each component would go, from the body to the smallest screw. Although not all are seen in the photographs, each scale model contains more than a thousand components ...

Then, according to his initial sketch, he arranged each of the pieces with the help of needles, thread, and other materials. Next, he calculated the angle of each shot and established the appropriate lighting to obtain thousands of images that he would later compute into a final one. The process has been documented, as you can see in the following video:

[embed_vimeo id = '80463569 ′]

[su_quote cite = '- F. Oefner'] “These are possibly the slowest speed images ever captured. It took me almost two months to create a first photograph that looked like it was captured in a split second. The disassembly alone required more than a full day of work for each car, due to the complexity of the models. However, the most difficult part was preparing the camera and the stage, the lens and the light, because the biggest frustration of a photographer is not being able to get a beautiful image of what was captured.

“What you see in these photographs is a moment that never existed. An exploding car is a moment in time that has been artificially created by stitching together hundreds of individual images. There is a unique pleasure in creating that moment ... Freezing a moment in time is stupefying. " [/ su_quote]


Be born

Three other images make up the second series, Nacer, which explores the issue of the birth of the machine as a result of our hobby. Drawing inspiration from the recurring photo of an oviparous hatching, Oefner he built a latex and plaster wrap around his scale Ferrari 250 GTO, then blew it up.

With the aim of capturing each blow of the shell to his protégé as it hatched, the Swiss artist connected a microphone. I cannot imagine exactly how, but the sound recorded by it was responsible for the activation of the camera and the flashes.

As if it were a living being, the car is born and, somehow, dies ... Without a doubt, a job to go crazy, right?




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