The Enzo Ferrari Museum reopens its doors

After a major renovation, the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena reopens its doors. The inauguration of the renovated space was held on February 18, in tribute to the birthday of
Il Commendatore.

Under the slogan "Vivi il sogno" - «Live the dream» -, the modern building aims to offer a unique experience to its visitors, by wrapping them in the history of the mythical team and the rampant horse brand. Up to 19 projectors have been placed on the walls, ceiling and floor in order to revive through a wide audiovisual display the more than ninety years of the life of its founder.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, president of Ferrari, affirms that “Visiting the museum in Modena is quite an experience. I believe that it not only revolutionizes the approach to the activities of museums dedicated to the automotive world, but also that of museum institutions in general. "

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1- Inauguration of the museum on February 18
2- Example of the audiovisual display used

Actually, It is about the extension of the house in which Il Drake was born and lived. The new distribution of the spaces has been carried out preserving - due to the obvious historical significance they contain - what was his home and workshop, to which a new building designed by London Architects Future Systems has been added and officially valued at some 18 million euros. euros.

The remodeled museum seeks to exalt the most important models manufactured by Enzo Ferrari, as well as to make the visitor, through original documents, photographs or videos, among others, travel through his exciting life. It could be a unique experience for admirers of his figure, for lovers of the brand that bears his name and for the public.
in general.

* Images and videos provided by Ferrari



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