Enzo Ferrari Movie

Enzo Ferrari movie

According to Variety magazine, Italian-American producers Cecchi Gori Pictures They were at the Cannes Film Festival, on the French Côte d'Azur, in search of funding for the making of a film about the life of Il Commendatore. The project is not new, but it seems that following the success of Rush (Ron Howard, 2013) There has been renewed interest in the greats of motorsport.

The idea of ​​a film about the controversial Italian builder is not new, rather it has been in dry dock since 2008 when Sidney Pollack, who was to take over as director, died. From the beginning it was found that it was a weighty project, since Pollack was then a renowned director known for films such as El Fugitivo (1964) o Out of Africa (1985), and the character of Ferrari was to be played by none other than Al Pacino.

The original script has been written by Troy Kennedy-Martin, co-author of the booklet of the reputed The Italian Job (1969) and that of other productions of a certain originality such as Danko, Red Heat (1988); and has been reviewed by David Rayfield, to whom Variety credits the script for the aforementioned "Out of Africa." The starting point is the reputed book "Enzo Ferrari, The Man, the Cars, the Races" written in the early 90's by specialist Brock Yates.

Enzo Ferrari Movie
Alfa-Romeo Bimotore, and part of the incredible cars that
came later, at the Enzo Ferrari Museum (For Gord Webster)

For their part, the brothers Mario and Vittorio Cecchi Gori are well known in Rome and Hollywood and have worked with directors and actors of the stature of Federico Fellini, Roberto Benigni and Marcello Mastroianni, among others.

Niels Juuls, CEO of Cecchi Gori Pictures, spoke in Cannes that the film would not only narrate the races, but also the lights and shadows of the life of Il Drake in the style of The Godfather, intertwining them with their inevitable automotive background. From what I have learned, the rivalry between Ferrari and Maserati will play a central role in the story.

According to the same character, the production company is negotiating with a famous director who has taken an interest in the project, and probably within a month or two good news will be available in the face of much-needed funding to get a job. biopic quality.

* Header image from the archives of Franco Zagari.
Castagneto, Ferrari, Nuvolari and their mechanic in the 1932 Acerbo Cup.


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