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They discover 12 luxury classics hidden in a Swiss castle


Like all motor enthusiasts, we too have once dreamed of finding a hidden pearl in an old metal garage buried by weeds; oblivious to the public gaze, waiting under a mysterious halo to be found and valued as the piece of art that it is. Or as the English call him, the find in the barn ('barn find') from a four-wheeled gem forgotten for decades.

If, by chance, we had the audacity to dream beyond this fantasy, we would find that its limits are found in the event that we are pleased to tell you today. Because this 'barn find ' It is not about a car, but about twelve classics who, far from being in an old garage, have been sleeping peacefully inside a huge castle in Switzerland. A treasure protected from the passage of time in an enviable state of conservation.

Twelve classics encapsulated in Switzerland

Among the twelve classic sleepers of the castle, stands out a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster valued between 600.000 and 800.000 euros. As if this super-luxury headliner were not enough, it is joined by the one known as “the best car in the world” of its time: We talk about the titanic Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Double Phaeton of 1921, with a similar value to his dance partner.

But this Rolls is not the only one in the collection: It is accompanied by a 1934 Phantom II that boasts a lower market value of between € 80.000 and € 120.000. Something curious about this collection is that it seems to have been bought taking care not to leave any car outside of your partner or trio ...

There three Maseratis, a Ghibli SS, a Quattroporte and an Indi America; and also a pair of Jaguar E-Type, one a 4.2 and the other a V12. Also, we find a couple of Aston Martins (a V8 and a Volante) and a Mercedes-Benz 500 SLC that serves as a lucky companion to the 300SL Roadster.

Up for auction, as usual

The last of the couples is somewhat less well off. It is formed by a Ford Mustang from the early 70s driven by British agent James Bond in the movie 'Diamonds for Ever' (the collector is a huge 007 fan); and a Lamborghini Espada, sports car from the house of Sant 'Agata Bolognese bodied by Bertone to be the' family friendly 'alternative of the luckiest of its time.

Well, the entire collection, which is around the incredible figure of 3 million euros, is already in the hands of the Bonhams auction house, who has avoided giving details about the whereabouts of the castle or the name of the collector. It will be auctioned on May 21 in Belgium, Who gives more? 😉

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