Delorean DMC-12 Time-Warped

An immaculate DeLorean comes to light

Curious find: An immaculate DeLorean DMC-12 has been discovered in San Francisco, California. It all happened as a result of the Chevrolet Corvette specialist Mike vietro was contacted by a client who wanted to buy a 427 1966, offering as part of payment one of the famous co-stars cars - along with Michel J. Fox - of the film saga Return to the future.

The DMC-12, which would only have been driven for delivery to its buyer, it had about 500 kilometers. Thanks to the fact that it has been parked in a garage for 33 years, both the exterior, hidden until recently under a thick layer of dust, of course, as well as the interior, are new. The 2,8 V6 PRV engine housed behind the seats works as it should; and the bodywork does not show rust, as it was manufactured in stainless steel as standard. In general, "just" needs a good review and fine-tuning, which as is known will take time.

Vietro is doing them, but not for himself. And, seeing the clean DeLorean, its owner has decided to keep it and pay in full for his new Corvette. Will you use it from now on? Finally, we leave you with the video of the discovery of a car that was manufactured in the middle of the Northern Irish conflict by the rebel John Z. DeLorean, together with Colin Chapman, and that would end both.

[su_youtube_advanced https = »yes» url = 'https: // v = FyQ-ENvgPVE']
Photo and Video Credit: Mike Vietro

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