When scrap comes to life

We have all seen those huge American cemeteries full of cars from more than 50 years ago on television, in the cinema or on the internet, usually in desert landscapes that surround the famous "Route 66".

I do not know if it is the generalized thinking of the fans, but to me these types of places have always seemed something impossible to find in our country ... until one day the one we bring to these lines appeared.

It is true that the desert landscape and the enormous amounts of "junk" are not fulfilled - there were "only" about 25 cars - but without a doubt it is a graveyard of machines half a century or more old. and all of them with their original Spanish license plates, which, for me, gives it an extra charm.



1- This was the panorama we found upon arrival
2- How did that Renault 5 get there?

Passion for rust

However, to find this place anchored in the past there was no choice but to resort to computers. And I have to admit that I am not too adept at that of new technologies, but in this case they have been fundamental.

If it weren't for the fact that one occasionally does the “freak” on social media, this report would not have been possible. It started when a friend from Catalonia put a very interesting photo on his profile; This one, of low quality and made with a mobile phone, showed a few pre-1940 cars piled up in a field and looking rather bad.

Out of curiosity and the interest that almost all rust fans have, I asked for more details about that mysterious site. The first information received was that “they were in my area”, and immediately afterwards I was given the telephone number of who had passed the photo to him. Things were getting interesting.

Weeds and rust indicate long years in the open
Weeds and rust indicate long years in the open

With a bit of a nose, I called that phone number and got ready to ask for more information. I was instantly attended by a man named Antonio, who not only was not bothered by my call, but also kindly invited me to visit the place. It was to be dismantled just a few days later, so he didn't have much time margin.

"How is that?", I asked alarmed. "Don't worry, the cars are going to a better place" my interlocutor answered me. The explanation was simple: I was talking to Antonio Crespo, a well-known fan from the Jaén area who runs a classics restoration workshop in the small town of Caleruela.

According to what he told me, the plot was located on the outskirts of Albacete capital, he himself had acquired the lot and was preparing to collect it at the end of that same week.

[su_quote] “Do you want to come and take some photos of the site before it disappears? I think it's worth it. " [/ su_quote]



1- This Renault 4/4 first series was very complete
2- Shortly after taking these photos, the place was dismantled

Obviously, I thought the opportunity could not be missed. Such a place is no longer easy to find - rather impossible - and this one in particular had counted hours left after long years of neglect.

Hobby in excess

As in everything, the existence of this site today also has its explanation. It is not a junkyard that has been abandoned since the 60s, although it may seem like it, but this we see they are the "remains" of a great collection of classic cars from an Albacete fan.

As happens with many collectors, he began to collect a large number of cars until they exceeded their storage possibilities, and in this way a small part of the collection ended up in this open field, when in some cases they had already started. restoration work.



1- Half-sanded paints provided these curious colors
2- Any detail of these cars seems even «artistic»

This explains the rich color variety that can be seen in the photos, due in some cases to the fact that several of the layers of paint on the cars had already been subjected to a sanding process as the first step of the repair.

The group of automobiles that was "condemned" to the elements for so many years - about 30 - were considered the least valuable or common in the collection; but, if you look closely, there are some interesting pieces.


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Francisco Carrion

Written by Francisco Carrion

My name is Francisco Carrión and I was born in Ciudad Real in 1988, a place that was not at first akin to vintage cars. Fortunately my grandfather, dedicated to the automotive sector, had friends who owned veteran cars and participated in the annual rally that was held (and continues to be held) in my hometown ... View all


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