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Continental Mark II 'Moore Brothers': Restomod with more than 600CV


One of the direct rivals of the Lincoln Continental Mark II was the Rolls-Royce Silver-Cloud. To start this article like this is to go in for the kill, but it's a good way to put yourself in a situation. The vehicle that we are going to talk about is a "Jewel in the crown". At least this is how Ford conceived it when in 1956 it presented the Continental Mark II as its top of the range.

It cost about $ 10.000 at the time. For that sum you could buy 5 Customlines. A fairly apparent average model. Ford took great care in producing the Continental Mark II. So much so that the accounts did not add up. Its little more than 3000 units were a real nightmare for the brand's accountants. Despite the cost of the model ... The investment made for its development had been enormous.

Having said all this we throw you a question. What would you do if one of the remaining units of the Continental Mark II fell into your hands? While you think about it, we are going to tell you what the Moore brothers decided. At the beginning of 2000, they acquired the unit you are looking at in good condition. With a little restoration it would have recovered its original splendor. But his plans were on the path of modification. Yes, what you have in front of you is a restomod.


In 1940 Ford introduced the Lincoln Continental. Based on the Zephyr platform this model was conceived to be "He is no more" of the American market. Thus, Ford's idea regarding its luxury car division was consolidated, providing the company with a model with the power to look from you to you to the great Cadillac and Rolls-Royce.

However, those plans were going to be quickly truncated. While Eugene T "Bob" Gregorie designed in Detroit the Lincoln Continental, in distant Japan the imperial aviation was preparing for war. The bombing of Pearl Harbor brought the United States into the fray, at which point luxury cars became a utopia. Detroit factories turned to making tanks and military aviation.

lincoln continental

So the things Lincoln Continental had a major break. After the end of the War, its production was restarted until 1948 but… It finally came out of the catalog. But nevertheless, In the early 50s Ford thought it was time to resurrect the flagship. For this, a team led by William Clay Ford with Harley Copp and Gordon Buehrig as engineers, leaving the body in the pencils of John reinhart.


The idea was to offer the new Continental in three versions: sedan, coupe and convertible with a retractable hardtop. The quality was taken care of until the delirium, some units were returned to the paint tunnel due to small imperfections in the tone or the primer. Anyway, everything is summarized in that for the production of this model Ford created its own plant. The Ford Pilot Plant from Allen Park.

Mechanically the Lincoln Continental Mark II he was a real beast. Its mechanics were created from scratch, equipping it with a six-liter V8 engine of almost 300CV and a three-speed automatic transmission. With permission of the Cadillac Eldorado this was the great American icon of the moment. A perfect car until the accounting reports appeared in the Ford management offices.

The construction of the new assembly line, the enormous design work carried out, the high quality of the materials and manufacturing ... Everything added up for the Lincoln Continental Mark II to be the nightmare of every manager about to be held accountable to the shareholders' meeting.. The only consolation is that the same thing had happened to Cadillac creating the third generation Eldorado. At the end of 1957 production was canceled after only one year in the factory. The history of the Continental continued in a more modest way with the Mark III. However, Ford had already given his coveted "Chest do".

continental mark ii


We are not going to lie to you. To us the story of Lincoln Continental Mark II it commands us respect. That is why before such a car we would be undecided to modify anything. The Moore brothers think otherwise. In fact, when they bought the vehicle, they had in mind to make a restomod with it that, yes, they have been very respectful of the original conception of the model.

Outwardly the changes are rather scarce. The beautiful original design of the model has been maintained, and the only thing that gives it away as a restomod is the lowered height of the suspensions. Now when we inspect the underbody ... Surprises appear. The first is that the chassis has been rebuilt. It has almost nothing to do with the original anymore, in part because of the modifications required by the new independent suspensions.

The engine is what has received the most work. And the thing is ... It has doubled its power! With a new aluminum block and an injection system the company Robert Pond Motorsports managed to raise the horsepower of the Lincoln to 642CV. More than enough to move with force - within the calm behavior of this type of Americans - the 2177 kilos of the car.

In short, if the genesis of Continental Mark II It commands us respect… What is hidden under that hood too.

PD: in recent years this vehicle has been seen in various auctions. The past 2015 Mecum auctioned it in Seattle for an undeclared price, while on March 30 Sotheby's auctioned it off at Fort Luaderdale. The bid lowered the deck by $ 154.000.

What do you think?

Miguel Sánchez

Written by Miguel Sánchez

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