bmw 6 series concentration elche

BMW 6 Series rally in Elche: Sharks among palm trees

Between Friday April 29 and Sunday May 1 (Mother's Day), the spring concentration of the E24 Club Spain in the Alicante town of Elche. The first of the two meetings that the club convenes annually, the next will be held in October and will most likely be in Córdoba.

These two are the established ones as officers, Although with extraordinary character, they also met at the Jarama open house in October 2015 and at the Classics & Legends at the Cheste circuit in March of this year, as part of the celebrations of the 40 º aniversario from the beginning of the production of his talisman model.

bmw 6 series concentration elche
Attendees of the rally with their mounts in the hotel car park

The club that brings together the owners and friends of the first BMW 6 series, E24 bodywork, is one of the most active that we can find in our geography. Despite having been officially established a few months ago and dealing with a not very well known model of the Bavarian brand (there are not many units in Spain), they are a very special group of friends who have known each other for many years and have managed to create a great atmosphere of cordiality between them.

The members of Elche were in charge of organizing this concentration in the Levantine city, famous for having two world heritage sites: The Palm Grove largest in Europe and lyrical religious representation The Mystery.

bmw 6 series concentration elche
First of all, despite its modern license plate, the older model, a 633 CSI from 1977

Friends came here from Castellón, Valencia, Madrid, Ciudad Real, Murcia, Granada and Malaga, with the Hotel Jardín Milenio as the nerve center of the call, where the non-resident members stayed and from where the programmed excursions departed. In total 22 cars attended, 14 units of the model that gives the club its name, one from its successor, an impressive 850 CSI, 6 copies of the 3 series (E21, E30 and E36) and a beautiful 1502.

The key day was Saturday, starting from the hotel, the car entourage traveled to the dealership of BMW Hispamóvil. They were greeted by the manager, who gave the visitors gifts and took some pictures with a very special car, the direct successor to the E24, a beautiful M6 F12 from the current range in a spectacular orange color.

From there they headed north to Altea, where they arrived at noon to celebrate the brotherhood meal at the restaurant of the Campomanes Yacht Club. From there they returned to Elche to meet for dinner in the area of ​​the historic center of the city.

It is a pleasure to be able to admire together so many copies of the mythical and exclusive German model, which although at the time had a prohibitive price for the vast majority, are currently, unfairly, undervalued, yes, with a clear upward trend. The concentration was attended by units of the three series manufactured between 1976 and 1989, as well as the desired M635CSI, all of them in perfect condition, undoubtedly a circumstance favored by the high quality of manufacture that these wonderful cars boast.

* The author is a member of the E24 Club España

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