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Dodge rally at the Eduardo Barreiros Museum

The famous Dodge, which was the flagship and pride of the Villaverde factory, had an important appointment at the Eduardo Barreiros Museum, in an event that served as a preview of the reissue of Pablo Gimeno's book dedicated to these vehicles.

On the third weekend of March, the Eduardo Barreiros de Valdemorillo Museum had the courtesy to host one of those big events to those who are accustomed to the admirers and followers of the figure of the Galician businessman.

On this occasion, it was an act led by the company itself. Eduardo Barreiros Foundation. An appeal was made to the owners of Dodge manufactured in Villaverde to a concentration called on the occasion of the new edition of the book by Pablo Gimeno “Spanish Dodges". Bill Dodge Club Spain It also played a fundamental role in the event by inviting its partners through social networks. 

The event, which began at 11 in the morning, gradually arrived Dodge until reaching twenty, with a very varied representation, counting on the main versions of the car; from the earliest Dart Barreiros of 1965 until the 3700 GT later.

The assistants were received by the own Pablo Gimeno y Mariluz Barreiros, Daughter of don edward y president of the foundation. After a group photograph, those present were able to visit the museum. That day he had his three Dodge presiding over the entrance: the Dart 270 from 1965, the “Line 69” Station Wagon and 3700 which was owned by the Barreiros family.

Inside the museum and in its patio an aperitif was held with the kindness and impeccable service with which the Eduardo Barreiros Foundation organizes all its events, which ensure a relaxed and pleasant time for everyone. 

The cars were the stars that day, but the owners also had their moment in the spotlight, as a photographer immortalized Dodge and driver in pictures that will be included in the future reissue of the book by Pablo Gimeno. 

The variety of Dodge models it was exemplary, as a sample of this, we will show below three of the most curious of those who appeared that day in Valdemorillo. 


Today it is rare, even in concentrations, to meet one of the Dodge Dart presented in 1969. It had a redesigned front, the work of Mario Gamarra, which reawakened interest at the time for what was the most expensive car in Spain. That's why it's even more unusual meet this vehicle in its scarce version ranchera three rows of seats.


With a price similar to that of the gasoline model, from 1969 a variant began to be offered with Barreiros C-65 engine with 2 liter displacement. Thanks to its robust diesel mechanics, this model offered buyers a more economical consumption, although its benefits were considerably reduced compared to the gasoline model. Aesthetically it draws attention for using the front of the Dart introduced in 1966. Although, without a doubt, it is even more striking the rear for which they were used the same pilots as in the SIMCA 1000.


It was the car that captivated the attendees the most, both for its singularity as for your historical value. Mounted on one of the first Dart Spanish of 1965, this car has the peculiarity of having a transparent plexiglass roof. Its purpose was to be used for guided tours of the gigantic Villaverde factory, for which Eduardo Barreiros was driving this same car.

Finally, we must thank the Eduardo Barreiros Foundation their attention and involvement in a car event as significant for Spain as was the Dodge. Soon, you will have a new edition of the wonderful book of Pablo Gimeno, for which we look forward to your next post.

Photographs by Rodrigo Acosta, Javier Ramiro and Javier Romagosa 


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