Strength lies in unity

It's undeniable! The Spaniard -at least the Spanish fan for the mechanics of other times- continues to be a recalcitrant individualist. The modern winds have not been able to remove what has historically been one of our main signs of identity. La bull skin continues to be plagued by self-taught amateurs fighting alone - as authentic Robinsons- to solve the problems that their hobby raises. Nothing intimidates them and the funniest thing is that many times they get away with it. Perhaps they could have done it better or achieved it sooner, or with less effort, if they had relied on others; Of course, then, they would also have had to share the paternity of the result.

It will not be THE TEAM who criticizes this facet of our personality; In addition, we believe in the benefits of it. However, we are going to allow ourselves to highlight here a serious drawback of individualism: We are referring to the quite deep-rooted idea among those who take this approach to the limit that groups, association and collaboration between people are useless. An idea that we have heard many times and that seems completely wrong to us. As much as we like it and dare to do things alone, it is untenable to think that clubs and associations cannot make life easier for us. Thus, for example, a mono-brand or mono-model club can provide in a short time a lot of information (tips, specialists, documentation, etc.) that would take years to acquire individually.


We are currently facing problems that can only be solved by the Public Administrations (exemption from circulation taxes, adaptation of ITV procedures, simplification and lower cost of the procedure to legalize historic vehicles, anti-pollution regulations, etc.) and it is very possible that this trend will increase. in the relatively near future, in which even the very survival of our precious vehicles may be in your hands.

The political class considers the amount very important. The democratic system makes them always think about numbers. The position of a citizen is, for them, all the more defensible the larger the group in which he belongs and the better organized he is. THE NUMBER COMMANDS and facing this reality the principle that UNION MAKE FORCE it becomes an incontrovertible truth.

Just for this The people who make up the writing of THE SQUARE hold that:

  • As ordinary fans, even if we thought that we couldn't find anyone to have a good time with at a club in our area, or we thought that no member could tell us something new, WE WOULD BECOME PARTNERS OF A CLUB.
  • If we were in charge of a club, WE WOULD IMMEDIATELY JOIN THE SPANISH FEDERATION OF OLD VEHICLES (FEVA), even if we believed that we were not going to obtain any other advantage with it. Just to mention three very important issues, FEVA has achieved: a) that the Event Regulations sealed by it are considered adequate by the competent Administration, b) It has negotiated the mandatory Civil Liability insurance in magnificent conditions (Sergio Romagosa tells us, who He knows a little about this), and c) He is about to achieve a new Historic Vehicle Regulation that greatly improves the current one.

FEVA already has the recognition of the Public Administrations of our country, thanks to the serious and effective work that its current Board of Directors has been carrying out for some years now. And what is more important, it is exercising that representation in a positive way, promoting solutions to REAL problems that affect us ALL. It was she who, together with Associated European Motorists (AEA), managed to open the door of the Exemption of the Circulation Tax for our precious vehicles; It was also this federation that has made the new regulation of events with historic vehicles bearable for the clubs and even positive for our fans by clarifying some dangerously confusing issues up to now, such as the non-sporting nature of these events.

In recent years we have taken a giant leap to compare with our European neighbors (hundreds of clubs, several specialized publications, markets, fairs, services of all kinds, etc.). But make no mistake: everything will be up in the air as long as we do not manage to unite our forces so that the politicians listen to us.

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