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This weekend: Salón ClassicMadrid


The classic vehicle-Cristal pavilion tandem grows stronger, after 25 years of history and encounter. ClassicMadrid, International Classic Vehicle Show, it will be held from 21 to 23 for February in this traditional location of the Casa de Campo fairgrounds and will bring together more than 250 exhibitors, in the largest international classic motor showcase in Spain. Around 20.000 square meters of exhibition space dedicated to the enthusiastic universe of the vehicle with history.

On the commercial side, ClassicMadrid will have the active participation of the main companies dedicated to catering and commercialization of classic automobiles and motorcycles. In the Crystal pavilion we will find, among others, the proposals of Classic Cars, Coupe-Pueche, Juan Lumbreras, Retrosport, Garage, Amazon Sport, Saica Classic Motor Sport, Stttoon Automotive, Luso Vintage, Retrocycle Vintage HD Motorcycles, Classic MG Motorcycles, Iván Cirre Collection Motorcycles, ...

To the wide commercial offer in restored vehicle we will add the Automobilia area, the popular aftermarket, accessories and accessories which will bring together national and international exhibitors, the latter from the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Italy, Austria, and the United States. More than half a thousand restored vehicles from brands such as Hispano Suiza, Jaguar, Porsche, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Montesa, Vespa, Lambretta, BMW, Lube, Norton, Ossa, Harley Davidson, Derbi will be exhibited at ClassicMadrid. , and Bultaco, among others, and thousands of product references for restoration.

55th Anniversary Citroen DS at Salon Classic Madrid

ClassicMadrid: Shark Anniversary

In addition, we will celebrate together with DS Automobiles the 65th anniversary of its legendary Jaws model. The original DS was a milestone in world automotive, far surpassing its predecessor, the also innovative Citroën 11. With an aerodynamic body - and very futuristic in its time - shaped like a half drop of water, the work of Flaminio Bertoni, it had a unique personality. Its success was enormous: two full decades in production and more than a million and a half units sold worldwide.

The Classics Hall also has with space Car Garage, an area designated for buying and selling of classic vehicles between individuals that allows hobbyists to transact to boost their particular collections.

Apart from commercial activity, ClassicMadrid it's a meeting point from which, professionals and amateurs, vindicate the conservation of the historical automotive heritage and the enhancement of their initiatives as an element of historical projection of society. In this sense, the Show complements its action with the programming of various activities that promote the work of groups and individuals in the preservation of these historical collections.


Tribute to Meycom. ClassicMadrid will pay tribute to Lucas Camacho and José Macías, promoters of Meycom, a company created in the early years of the 70s and which holds more than 55 Spanish championship titles in various sports disciplines of motorsport. Camacho and Macías are living motor history in Spain and we can see it in the retrospective exhibition of the competition vehicles that left their workshop over more than 40 years. In this exhibition will be the Seat Ronda Grupo 5 by Meycom, a unique piece in the history of Spanish motorsport, which has recently been restored after 35 years of oblivion.

Sidecars in history. Through a monographic exhibition we will review the history and evolution of sidecars, those vehicles that reached their greatest social peak in the 50s, but which, previously, in wartime, were a significant means of mobility. Today, they are a prized collector's item and a prominent element in vintage culture. We will see its evolution with more than a dozen peculiar units.

Journey to the past. The enthusiasm of the fans has a prize. On Sunday, February 23, the first 200 visitors who come to the Hall fully dressed in the period will have free access to ClassicMadrid. Our enthusiasts (adults, teenagers or children) will be able to come dressed, from head to toe, from the late 20th, early 30th century, the 50s, from the 50s to the 60s, and from the 70s to XNUMXs and XNUMXs and together we will travel the history of the automotive industry.


Seat 1400: Spanish versatility. We will review in ClassicMadrid the dense history of the Seat 1400. We will have a monographic exhibition on this iconic model of the Spanish firm, with the presence of various vehicles manufactured between 1953 and 1964 from the private collection of Jaime Sánchez. Initially created for the wealthy class and the Government, this model was transformed over the years into a public service vehicle and mobility solution for large families.

Automobile Elegance Contest. The protagonists of the Elegance Contest, open to the participation of all fans and collectors, will be American cars from before 1965, which will take us to more distant settings without leaving Madrid. More than a dozen vehicles will create, together, a movie set, in which we will see models of firms such as Chevrolet, Ford, Studebaker, Plymouth, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, etc.

Motorcycle Restoration Contest. We are launching the Restoration Contest for Spanish motorcycles manufactured before 1980. We will see units cataloged within the four categories of the contest: series, field, competition and moped.


Monographic Exhibitions. The Madrid Classics Hall will feature monographic exhibitions of the historical collections kept by the National Police and the Municipal Fire Department, on security and public service vehicles; and the Don Rodrigo Foundation, on war vehicles.

Presentations and talks-colloquium. On our Expo Motor Events stage on the upper floor we will review the issues of interest to fans and clubs. We will talk about legislation and Technical Inspection of Vehicles; there will be regularity courses; we will analyze the situation of the mobility of classics in the urban environment; we will view files restored by the Spanish Film Library on motoring and motor racing; and we will present historical sports events and activities.

Club gatherings. Outside the Crystal pavilion, we will accommodate club gatherings that allow us to openly share our passion for the classic, jointly creating a dynamic automotive museum.

Global Engine!

ClassicMadrid provides an added incentive for all motor racing fans, as access to the Classics Show will allow them to visit at no additional cost RacingAuto Madrid, the Competition Motor Show, promoted by the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation. The coinciding fair action of both events forms a global initiative focused on two areas of the engine that arouse great enthusiasm among automotive enthusiasts.

The price of the ticket will be 15 euros per person and children up to 12 years (included) have free access. Tickets for advance sale can be purchased on the event website The hours of the Show will be from 10,00 to 20,00 on Friday and Saturday and until 18,00 on Sunday.

ClassicMadrid It is organized by Expo Motor Events and is sponsored by the Zalba Caldú insurance brokerage and the collaboration of Madrid Destino, the Spanish Film Library, the Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles (FEVA), the Angel Nieto Foundation, Iberia and Renfe.

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