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Gallery: classic SEAT in the snow

Taking advantage of the storm that we have upon us, we have dived into the Historic SEAT archive until we found this precious collection of models of the brand immortalized in the snow.

We have been a few days suffering the squall Juliette and the snowfalls that it has brought with it. At least, for those of us who have already begun to paint gray hair, the name has brought back memories of our youth, specifically the song of the same name by Platero and you. The white element has become the protagonist of all the news, and of course, we have not resisted bringing you together in a gallery a series of vintage photos and images of different classic SEATs in the snow.

As we already told at the time, snow and classic cars they are perfectly compatible. Of course, we must take into account the specific factors of our beloved irons, such as the worst cold start or less effective heating. In return, its low weight and narrow tires help a lot to drive on snowy or icy ground.


The images that we offer you are of very different types. From different participations in the Monte Carlo Rally, even photos that were used in the catalogs of the time. Some belong to the tests that SEAT itself carried out on the cars in adverse conditions. There are even proofs from the press of the time. They all belong to the archive of Historic SEATs.

Next, we leave you with a photographic selection that will surely meet your expectations. Because let's not fool ourselves the snow becomes the perfect decoration to immortalize models like the 124, 127, 131, Ritmo and, of course, our beloved SEAT 600.

The 124 Sport 1800 poses with a young woman in the snow.
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Written by Ivan Vicario Martin

I am lucky to have turned my passion into my way of earning a living. Since I left the Faculty of Information Sciences in 2004, I have been professionally dedicated to motor journalism. I started in the magazine Coches Clásicos in its beginnings, going on to direct it in 2012, the year in which I also took charge of Clásicos Populares. Throughout these almost two decades of my professional career, I have worked in all types of media, including magazines, radio, the web and television, always in formats and programs related to the engine. I am crazy about the classics, Formula 1 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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