55th Anniversary Citroen DS at Salon Classic Madrid

DS Automobiles will celebrate the 55th anniversary of the legendary 'Jaws' at ClassicMadrid


The luxury brand of the PSA Group will be present this year in the classroom ClassicMadrid to celebrate 55 years since the birth of the model that has given it its name: the Citroën DS «Tiburon». With its own identity as a manufacturer since 2014, with its own range of vehicles, DS Automobiles is a benchmark in design, technology and refinement "French way."

The original Citroën DS It was a milestone in world automotive, far surpassing its predecessor, the also innovative Citroën 11. With an aerodynamic body - and very futuristic in its time - shaped like a half drop of water, the work of Flaminio Bertoni, it had a unique personality. . But there was still more: it combined innovative original technologies, such as front-wheel drive, hydropneumatic suspension, and power steering and brakes. The cabin, without a transmission tunnel, allowed a flat floor and a lot of space, described in its time as "A lounge for the rear passengers."

Its success was enormous: two full decades in production and over a million and a half units sold worldwide. It was the car chosen by the charismatic General De Gaulle to drive it during his various presidencies of the French Republic; and the one that freed him - thanks to its variable height suspension - from a terrorist attack, escaping with flat tires. And he also accumulated an unexpected sporting record, thanks to his excellent traction, winning rallies such as Monte Carlo and also the European Rally Championship.

Citroën DS: Growing, in every way

The original 1955 twin headlight model was updated in 1968 by Robert Oprón with new dual addressable headlight wings. And it was also progressively increasing its displacement and power and its original hydropneumatic system. Although there were station wagon versions and even convertibles - made by the bodybuilder Chaprón - the four-door saloon was the most popular with the public. The latest and most luxurious version it was the DS23 Pallas, that will be exhibited in ClassicMadrid.

Next to it, it will wear the most modern DS7 E-Tense Hybrid 4 × 4, the flagship of the new DS Automobiles. Apart from its haute couture interior and exterior design, full of luxury and comfort details, it also offers 300st century high technology, such as its powertrain, with a turbo gasoline engine and two electric engines, which achieve 58 hp of power and all-wheel drive. It has an energy recovery system developed in its Formula E champion team and up to 0 km of electric autonomy. And accelerate from 100 to 5,9 km / h in just XNUMX seconds.

A new brand that, on the other hand, can boast of a great history.

ClassicMadrid 2020, International Classic Vehicle Show, will be held from February 21 to 23 in the Casa de Campo glass pavilion and will bring together the main companies and professionals in the classic motor segment in Spain. ClassicMadrid is organized by the company Expo Motor Events and has the sponsorship of the insurance brokerage Zalba Caldú and the collaboration of the Spanish Federation of Old Vehicles -FEVA, Madrid Destino, Iberia and Renfe.

More info and advance sale at www.salonclassicmadrid.com

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