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Movies with classic cars to watch as a family

Well, the quarantine is extended for another two weeks. As it is, it seems that we are going to have more time than desired to investigate the history of our favorite classics. In that sense, we already told you various documentaries and films about Le Mans. Of course, we recognize that it is "Coffee for very coffee growers". So how do we unite our taste for the classics with seeing movies that can be digested by the family full?

Maybe the channel Classic Cars in Movies have the answer, since here you will find a good selection of scenes with classics in many films. A most interesting option to find tapes where motor racing plays an essential role. However, in the newspaper library of The Escudería You can find suggestions of what is most appropriate for these days of confinement.

Shall we take a walk through our private film library of classics? But beware, an entertaining tour, for all audiences. Nothing that could provoke comments like "You're back with your old irons". Of course, as regards the "Hard line of the steering wheel" We will not stop recommending movies like Le Mans o Rush. Of course to always see with a generous sound, enjoying the howl of the Porsche 917 or the Ferrari 312T.


Whenever we think of a movie about the Beetle, the idea is recurrent: the Herbie saga. With six films ranging from The Love Bug (1968) to Herbie Fully Loaded (2005) the adventures of this Volkswagen with a life of its own are a fun alternative with which to join the little ones in the house. As you can already guess, we are going to recommend the oldest one, since It has an evident charm to the classic time of the Disney studios. In fact, she shares actors with movies like Mary Poppins. You sure recognize David Tomlinson.

Continuing with the comedy tone, we are going to go until the nineties to remind you of the adventures of the most hilarious spy of all time. Yes, we are talking about Austin Powers. A sour caricature of the always uptight and redolent James Bond. Possibly one of the comic films in which the dubbing into Spanish has considerably improved the grace of the matter, making the easily imitable phrases string together one after another. But let's talk about classics: the spectacular Jaguar E-Type decorated with the Union Jack in which this British intelligence agent moves.

However, if what you want is a movie in which the Jaguar E-Type looks in a special way, we cannot fail to recommend Harold & Maude. A mythical black humor tape in which a young man with suicidal and comical whims meets a crazy old woman. In between all the entanglement you will see one of the most curious E-Type in history. We will say that, if you like body types "Shooting-brake" This Jaguar will please you to death. Literally.


When we get to the Porsche, we are going to put aside the cinematic 917s to tell you about the charming 356. Specifically, the one that Woody Allen drives in the 2003 comedy Everything else. A film with all the charm that the New Yorker knows how to give to his scripts, in which an ancient neurotic comedian gives life lessons to a young man trying to break into the "Show bussines". We assure you that the scene in which Woody Allen wrecks some thugs' car and then fled in his Porsche 356 it has no waste.

Regarding the Mini we are going to go with a classic. The Italian Job. The fast-paced movie in which a group of thieves flee from here to there with some nervous Mini galloping. And be careful, because the reason is that they are trying to steal a shipment of money that is destined for the FIAT that in 1969 Gianni Agnelli proudly presided! In 2003 they made a modern version that, by far, has the same charm. It is what it has to not have the great Michael Caine as the protagonist, or Quincy Jones himself creating the soundtrack.

To finish this brief selection of films made from the many scenes that you can find in Classic Cars in Movies, we want to point out the compilation video of the Amphicar 770. A car -or boat- that gives a lot of play in every movie. Like the little Trabant, which has even been transformed by the cinema into a kind of rocket with wings. In short, a multitude of cinematographic proposals to spend this quarantine at home but without forgetting that, when this is over, the roads will be waiting for us. Let the channel Classic Cars in Movies guide you until then.

P.S: If, in addition to the four wheels, you also hit both, we cannot fail to recommend two classic movies with motorcycles that, in addition, are also musical myths. On the one hand the rocker and countercultural Easy Rider, an icon of the 60s with Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda on Harley trails. And if you like Vespa full of rear view mirrors, you cannot leave out Quadrophenia. The legendary film with a powerful soundtrack by The Who.

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Miguel Sánchez

Written by Miguel Sánchez

Through the news from La Escudería, we will travel the winding roads of Maranello listening to the roar of the Italian V12; We will travel Route66 in search of the power of the great American engines; we will get lost in the narrow English lanes tracking the elegance of their sports cars; We will speed up the braking in the curves of the Monte Carlo Rally and we will even get dusty in a garage while rescuing lost jewels.


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