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How to drive your classic car in the snow

Snowfall is announced in no less than 28 provinces in Spain. Under these circumstances, is it safe to drive with our classic car?

The Fien storm, which has already formed in the British Isles, is sending cold winds to the Iberian Peninsula that intensify the winter storm that we are already experiencing. The question many fans ask is if it is possible to circulate with your classic in the snow.

Go ahead, in snowy conditions, what is really safe is not taking our car out of the garage unless it is absolutely essential. This works for both modern and classic vehicles. If in any case you have no choice but to take the car, and as in matters such as the trailersHere are some tips for you to do it safely.


If you like to drive and you usually do it in difficult conditions, you may already know the main aspects that must be taken into account when driving in snow. starting with him use of chains or winter or all-weather tires. When the conditions worsen, the DGT usually makes them mandatory.

circular tips classic car snow

When driving, it is advisable to do so in long gears to avoid sudden acceleration. It is important drive as smoothly as possible. If we are on a steep descent, the ideal will be to use short gears to reduce speed with engine braking.

Un good use of the brakes is essential, or rather make the minimum possible use of them. Wheel locks are common and, with them, uncontrolled slipping. Here comes into play safety distance. In snowy conditions, this can be multiplied by ten compared to the usual.

Therefore, it is important Do not drive too close to the car in front let alone attempt any type of overtaking maneuver without a large margin of safety. And it is that patience will be our best ally when the white element makes its appearance on the road. facing the ice, the problems multiply. The key will be a low gear and an even smoother ride.

circular tips classic car snow


If we have no other choice and we have to take out our classic car these days, we must take into account a series of particularities. Starting with the advantages, the lower weight collection vehicles -in general- is a decisive advantage in snow.

so are some narrower tires, which guarantee more grip as they are less subject to slipping. In addition, these are smaller cars, with less inertia, so they will be more controllable when recovering from a scare. It is important to know that there are measures of winter tires for our classics, essential if we live in mountainous areas prone to snowfall.

Unfortunately, that's where the benefits end. When starting with cold, we will find many more problems than a modern car. That is, if we stand still for a while, we may find problems to resume the march. Neither the heating, the heated rear window or the windshield wipers have the efficiency of the modern ones, even though we keep our classic in a state of contest.

circular tips classic car snow

Important, many of our classics are rear wheel drive, which complicates things in snow. The "All behind"With the engine hanging behind the rear axle, they have greater inertia, but in return they have more weight on the wheels they drive. In case of losing grip, it is best to keep the steering wheel straight, take off the accelerator and try to don't use the brake, because it will only worsen the result.


We cannot finish this brief guide on how to drive our classic car in the snow with some tricks that are equally useful for users of modern models. We refer to things like grab a couple of blankets In case we get stranded, some food and water or copious fluid.

Essential the ropa shelter and carry the mobile with the maximum charge to be able to notify the rescue services in any circumstance. If the conditions force us to stop, it will be necessary to do it to the right and leaving as much space as possible for rescue vehicles, snow plows, etc. to pass.

circular tips classic car snow

In case we have to stop for a long time, it is important roll up the windows all the way up so they don't freeze without being closed all the way. Even raise the windshields, which can get stuck to the glass.

Before embarking on the trip, it is advisable to visit the specific website of the DGT in which it gives us detailed information on the state of traffic. In this way, we will avoid unpleasant surprises and we will be able to prepare properly. In any case, we insist, in the face of a snow storm, the safest thing to do is to stay at home quietly on the sofa. If it is also reading THE SQUAD, much better.

circular tips classic car snow

Photographs: Historical SEAT/Different View

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Written by Ivan Vicario Martin

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