Exclusive RetroClásica, on the right track?

On the weekend of June 13 to 15, we attended the first edition of Exclusive RetroClassic, automobile and railway fair. This fair took place in the beautiful Railway Museum located in the old Delicias station in Madrid, which is preserved by Carlos Abellán's team as a true sanctuary of this type of machinery and as a multipurpose space where they are normally carried out. periodically, different initiatives.

The best known of these is the charming Motor Market, dedicated to the sale of all kinds of items vintage in an unbeatable atmosphere of attention to detail, live music and restaurants. Entry to the Motor Market is free, while in the case of RetroClásica you had to pay 8 euros, although it is worth noting that a significant part of this amount would go to charities as well as to the state coffers. On the other hand, when there are no fairs inside the museum, the price of general admission is six euros.

From what has been said, you have probably already deduced that the idea of ​​a fair in the Railroad Museum It seems magnificent to me. Heck, they even have a working XNUMXs cafeteria car! The place is a true past and an incomparable setting in which to expose vintage vehicles, so I very much hope that a second edition will be held (if possible with prices for similar exhibitors, what were the bomb!).

I RetroClassic
Anyone want a drink in the vintage cafeteria wagon?

However, and in my humble opinion, RetroClásica organizers have to take an example from other initiatives already mentioned and pay more attention to detail. The incombustible Guillermo already said it, that since it was the first attempt they were going to hit them everywhere… I don't pretend much less that; I recognize the effort made, but from here on, rather than telling about the fair, I would rather do a bit of constructive criticism in order to contribute my little grain of sand to a hobby that we all build day after day.

What do we want to do?

So here we go: First, it seems to me that the initial willingness to sacrifice profitability for the sake of exposure wealth has not yielded all the fruits that were expected. The Railway Museum is not very large and, above all, it is visited by all types of public, so I think it is necessary to ensure a sample of cars that will underpin its prestige for future editions. With this I do not mean that this was bad, if not rather that it could be better and, above all, be better presented.

Honestly, as a fan I didn't see more than a dozen things that surprised me; specifically, an Austin Special van, an Alfa-Romeo Duetto, a Fiat Moretti, an Alfa Giulietta saloon, an MG J2, a Cadillac Eldorado and a second-series Chevrolet Impala and Corvette, among others.

I RetroClassic
Flirty Austin Special van

Regarding the families who came to see the incredible museum, I think that, although the exhibition was varied, they deserve a more effective representation of the history of motorsport so that they can get a precise idea of ​​its evolution. Some posters with the detailed description of the importance of each model would have helped, as well as some lighting that would contribute to its enhancement. Also, that the vehicles were in perfect condition, whether it was a 600 or a Hispanic.

On Saturday a Latin musical duo played some more than appropriate jazz and salsa songs that delighted those who admired the immaculate trains. Also those of those who observed the old cars, although in some cases perhaps without being able to fully recreate due to the lack of lighting already mentioned since they still wore the stamp that the storms of Wednesday and Thursday afternoon had left them.

They had been under cover for two days ... Why hadn't anyone cleaned them? Seeing the Corvette with the hood full of grime touched my soul; And frankly, I think this is without excuse.

[su_youtube_advanced https = »yes» url = 'https: // v = Xg2NZ230oVo']
1- Police Seat 1400, Fiat Moretti and Alfa-Romeo Giulietta, in twilight
2- Part of the exhibition on the verges, on Sunday afternoon

Devilish details

RetroClassic it did not fill either the experts or the profane, so in the end, the influx of the public during the weekend was discreet, even despite having been disseminated by various media. It is possible that this was the problem: who was this fair for? You would have to move towards one end or the other, but not swim between two waters. In any case, I do not think that neither fans nor families go to the Railway Museum to enjoy a scruffy and dirty Fiat Moretti that is barely seen. I am convinced that it is not the site.

In short, if money is not a key factor, what I would do there would be a beautiful exhibition of old vehicles that would leave the visitor with their mouths open and that would give them a general idea of ​​what the evolution of motor racing has been through impeccable specimens presented in an appropriate manner. In this sense, I think Madrid Motor Days It is a good reference from which to take an example; Like the Motor Market that we mentioned at the beginning, it is an excellent job done with care.

There will be those who think that since I am so clever, why don't I get down to work… And I say that we also need chroniclers, even with all their imperfections.

What do you think?

Javier Romagosa

Written by Javier Romagosa

My name is Javier Romagosa. My father has always been passionate about historic vehicles and I have inherited his hobby, while growing up among classic cars and motorcycles. I have studied journalism and continue to do so as I want to become a university professor and change the world ... View all


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