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Car renting: from alternative to favorite among individuals

El car rental It is progressing little by little to become the favorite option for a large part of individuals. In recent years, this modality has only gained ground compared to the traditional purchase of vehicles thanks, mainly, to the advantages it offers over it.

Now, that there is some uncertainty hovering over the economy of many homes and businesses and that the automobile market is in such a strange situation, renting is establishing itself as the best option when it comes to getting a new vehicle or renewing the old one. But what exactly is it about it that makes it so special? What are its main advantages?

What does car rental include?

There are many car rental offers different, but most usually include a series of really attractive services and benefits for the consumers. That is its great differentiating point compared to the purchase, which is normally being able to completely forget about the obligations and additional expenses that are usually linked to having your own car. Let's go over the main points below:

  • Maintenance – The renting fee includes all the usual maintenance of the vehicle, including the relevant inspections, the necessary oil changes and other arrangements or repairs that may be necessary. It is a cost to completely ignore.
  • Use – Of course, when signing the rental contract, the user has the complete right to use the vehicle as they see fit during the stipulated time, and there may be an established monthly mileage.
  • Insurance – The vehicle insurance policy is also included in the rental fee, and in most cases it is comprehensive insurance, which provides extra peace of mind for the driver and vehicle occupants. However, there may be different types of insurance depending on the company that offers the service.
  • Roadside assistance – If an accident or breakdown occurs on the road, the rental company is responsible for offering the necessary assistance and even a replacement vehicle if necessary. Their priority is to solve any problem that may arise simply, efficiently and quickly.
  • Tax – There are renting contracts that include the payment of road tax and other tax obligations that would have to be paid on your own if you had purchased the vehicle. Another point in favor of savings.

Why is car leasing becoming such an attractive option?

Seeing everything that is included in renting a car, it's easy to see why it's becoming such an attractive option for most. Adding the fact that those who use the car to work can deduct its cost when filing their income tax return, we have a model that gives the consumer much more peace of mind, but also provides enormous long-term savings.

In fact, renting allows predict more easily what the expenses linked to the vehicle are. There is a fixed fee, so there are no surprises such as unexpected breakdowns or forgotten revisions. Likewise, in most cases, you do not have to pay a large initial down payment to access renting, which means that anyone can approach this model.

On the other hand, it is an option that greatly facilitates renew the car. Once the contract concludes, you can look for new models and go for them without fear of initial fees or unexpected expenses. Everything is totally controlled and, furthermore, without having to worry about management issues, maintenance, reviews or others. In fact, it is possible to determine the duration of the contract and the monthly mileage flexibly, adapting 100% to the needs of each one.

Renting is paving the way towards sustainability in the motor world

Although it is a model that is always talked about from the perspective of savings and comfort, the truth is that vehicle leasing is also helping enormously in terms of sustainability. As indicated by the AER, a boom in vehicles powered by alternative energy is being observed in renting, that is, hybrid and/or electric models. At the beginning of 2024, there has already been a 38,38% of registrations of this type of vehicles within the renting.

Traditional combustion models are being left behind to advocate for a new, much cleaner and more sustainable model. In fact, the rental park in Spain already has nearly 100.000 electric models, that is, more than 10% of the total vehicles in circulation.

Little by little it is gaining ground and positioning itself as the favorite option. Its flexibility, added to increasingly accessible installments that give greater control over spending, is making renting the ideal model for all types of individuals.

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