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Miniature American Trucks: New Altaya Collection


Altaya will launch in January 2021 a spectacular unpublished collection of 1/43 scale American trucks.

Even the editorial staff have sent us what will be the first four deliveries to analyze, whose photos we insert below:

Watch out for the latter, very cinephile. Perfect reproduction of the truck that starred in the famous T1000 chase of John Connor in Terminator 2, saved in extremis by the T800 Schwarzenegger.

The collection will consist of around 60 exclusive high-quality miniatures. All with very good finishes, perfectly detailed, made of injected metal with plastic parts, and hand painted in the striking original colors.

classic american trucks


A very interesting collection, as these road giants are rare to see on our roads or in shop windows. A booklet with detailed information and many facts about each of these units is attached to each issue, as well as interesting articles on the history of American highways and their culture.

Subscribers will be able to enjoy tempting conditions, with some nice gifts: Seats 3 and 8 will be free, a FORD LTL 9000 tractor and its semi-trailer, as well as a practical universal calendar. In addition, if they subscribe before January 21, 2021 they will receive as a gift the Kenworth K100A from the company John F. Ivory Storage.


And for all those who choose for the Premium offer, 3 additional high caliber miniatures: Mack Super-Liner Magnum, Peterbilt 379 Custo and Western Star 5700.

For more up-to-date information on the collection you can visit the website of American miniature trucks from Altaya. Reader, remember that if you include the promo code TRUCKS you will be able to benefit from the advantages that we have just mentioned. We are sure that Altaya will once again delight collectors.

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