Brad Pitt joins the cast of Go Like Hell

Just like we told you a couple of months ago, the next motor adventure to hit the big screen will be Go like hell, the film based on the book of the same name written by AJ Baime and published in 2009.

Today we return to this story of rivalry that took place in the sixties between the Ford team and the Italian Ferrari team to inform you of their most recent signing: nothing more and nothing less than the famous actor Brad Pitt. This is how it reveals The Hollywood Reporter.

By now we know that production director Joseph Kosinski has trusted Tom Cruise to play Carroll Shelby, but we do not know what role he has reserved for the handsome Pitt.

Let us remember that the film is in its early stages of development and that the script is likely to be revised to adapt to the styles of the actors and actresses that make up its renowned staff; also, that, if it sticks strictly to the reference novel, it will only narrate the 1966 season.

With the good feelings left Rush still present, we cross our fingers, hoping this new work captures the essence of Le Mans as well as the well-known XNUMXs film starring Steve McQueen did.
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