Concentration of the BMW E-24 Club in Granada

BMW's 6 Series in Granada

On October 10, 11 and 12, one of the concentrations - or as it is more popularly said, "kedadas" - that the BMW E-24 Spain Club organizes every six months took place in Guadix, Granada province.

For about ten years the members of this club meet twice a year, one in spring and another in autumn, at some point in our geography. In previous calls they have visited places as distant as Sanabria, Malaga, Alcañiz, Avila or Ainsa in the Pyrenees, among others.

This time it was time to return to Andalusia, and taking advantage of the fact that some of the partners live in the southeast of the peninsula, it was finally decided to organize the meeting in the province of Granada. Specifically, the meeting point and headquarters for the weekend was the rural house "Cuevas del Tío Tobas" in Alcudia de Guadix, about 60 kilometers from Granada capital.

Concentration of the BMW E-24 Club in Granada
Impeccable M 635 CSI from 1984 with his companions in the Tío Tobas Caves (Photo: Anchoafoto)

A good part of those summoned were arriving at the caves during Friday afternoon, while the rest would do so on Saturday morning until everyone was ready for the start of the day at ten in the morning. Cars came to Guadix from Malaga, Granada, Alicante, Murcia, Huesca, Ciudad Real and, as always the largest group, from Madrid.

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Pre, Post and Repost

In total 16 magnificent units of BMW E-24 attended, model with which the Bavarian firm premiered its series six in 1976 and which ended its production in 1989. At that time, the production of series eight had already begun, a model that, although it came to cover the same niche of potential customers, was not exactly its successor, as it surpassed the E-24 in everything: in size, number of cylinders, technology, performance, price… but it also lost the character and charisma of classic BMWs.

Of those 16 sharks - nickname by which the E-24 are called due to the resemblance of their peculiar inverted-inclined nose with the mouth of the dreaded shark - two of them - a 633CSI and a 628CSI - belonged to the first series or « pre »(1976-82), distinguishable at first glance by its wider and shorter rear bumper and by a myriad of small details in which something else needs to be noticed. At the mechanical and chassis level they are totally different from the rest of the models.

Ten -eight 635CSI and two M 635CSI- were of the second series or "post" (1982-87), with the rear bumpers thin and elongated up to the wheel arches; and four -three 635CSI and one M 635CSI- of the third generation or «repost» (1987-89) that are identified by the bumpers a little wider than the previous ones and partly integrated into the bodywork, more to the American taste and to the "XNUMXs" style of plastic fashion everywhere although mechanically they are the same as the previous ones.

The M models of the series six, as is well known, are the vitaminized versions of the great coupe. They have the same engine as the 635, a 6 cc inline 3.453 cylinder, but with the excellent 24 valve cylinder head which provides the impressive figure for the time of 286 hp.

On Saturday morning, while the rally participants arrived, they enjoyed the rigorous little time of open hoods, in which old acquaintances are greeted, new ones are introduced and, of course, the saddles are reviewed. the companions.

The aim is to exchange knowledge, show off what's new and admire the best preserved or restored specimens. Typical are phrases such as "Who has repaired the upholstery?", "Where did you buy those shock absorbers?", "When did you make the cylinder head?", "How much did those tires cost you?", "No have you got stuck in the ITV? »...

Meanwhile, the couples of these crazy people, who fortunately have also made friends in the group, talk about different topics and make fun of the conversations of their spouses, because they do not have - nor want to have, nor do they need to - nor damn idea of ​​what what they are saying despite the fact that they do it in perfect Spanish.

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Mountains and feasts

At 11,00 in the morning the sixteen cars left the road down a beautiful twisty and narrow road, that ascended the north face of Sierra Nevada to the top of a pass where a stop was made to take pictures and drool looking at the cars.

Concentration of the BMW E-24 Club in Granada
Sharks in Sierra Nevada (Photo: Anchoafoto)

After a while the excursion resumed, making the descent to the town of La Calahorra where the vehicles were parked in the town hall square. Hoods open again and back to the conversations between Martians. When it was time for lunch, the procession headed towards the Tío Tobas Caves, where a brotherhood barbecue was held that lasted until late in the afternoon.

At this point, those who were just to spend the day said goodbye and the rest went to the La Almazara de Paulenca restaurant, where an excellent dinner and a flamenco group awaited them to finish off the day of partying.

The next morning, the usual, tired faces on the one hand, after the night party; and sad faces for another, since the farewell is hard after a wonderful weekend. But there is always a door open to optimism, when everyone at the moment of leaving utters the same phrase: See you next time!

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