BMW buys what was its first factory

The search for a new headquarters for the BMW vintage vehicle department, BMW Classic Group, It has led to the acquisition of 13.000 square meters of land in the Milbertshofen district of Munich. Among the properties included in the operation - whose counterpart is Knorr-Bremse AG, a major manufacturer of braking systems for trains and commercial vehicles there is part of what was the first factory of the German brand, in which it manufactured its famous airplane engines more than ninety years ago.

Upcoming to the headquarters complex, the museum and the welt, The idea is to allocate the new facilities to the different activities that the BMW Classic Group has been carrying out separately until now, namely: repair and restoration workshops, spare parts service and maintenance of the brand's official archive, among others. They will also be used to materialize a new avant-garde architectural project - something that is already a tradition at BMW - that has yet to be determined, for vehicle exhibitions and for holding events.

Above and now: Former BMW factory in Munich's Moosacher Straße
Above and now: Former BMW factory in Munich's Moosacher Straße (Loaned by the brand)

Apparently, the entrance to the old enclosure still stands, and will be symbolically used as a gateway to the history of the most famous propeller in the world. In short, BMW intends to create a new place of pilgrimage, although not only for lovers of this brand, but also for Mini and Rolls-Royce, other brands belonging to the German automobile group.

In the opinion of the one who subscribes these lines, the truth is that it is a pleasure to see how well German brands preserve and promote their historical heritage.

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Javier Romagosa

Written by Javier Romagosa

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