Reissue of «Biscuter»

In 1998 Edicions Benzina published Biscuit, the first book written by the motor journalist Manuel Garriga, with a circulation of 1.500 copies that is currently out of print. Given that the work is still in demand, at the beginning of this year a group of members of Amics del Biscuter, one of the sections of the Clàssic Motor Club del Bages, has decided to promote its reissue under the technical direction of Ramon Pradas, the supervision of the author and the legal edition of the mentioned club.

The book will include a colored band on the cover indicating that it is a reissue, as well as a new chapter with technical information on maintenance and restoration of the microcar and a brief history of French Biscooters. The icing on the cake will be a DVD with a report on the aforementioned technical issues and interviews with characters linked to the Biscuter.

The cost of the project is around € 12.000, and to finance it, we have resorted to both traditional patronage and crowdfunding or crowdfunding. Specifically, the latter consists of the advance sale of books by means of a minimum contribution of € 25, which is the amount corresponding to the price of a copy without shipping costs and which will be managed through the Clàssic Motor Club del Bages. The invested capital will be returned as copies are sold, although, if the minimum necessary budget is not met, the project will be canceled and all contributions reimbursed.

The reissue project of «Biscuter» will use modern crowdfunding or «crowdfunding»

On the other hand, it is being considered to include in the book a reprint with translations into English and French that will help to sell it outside our borders, which would also help with its financing.

The idea of ​​the promoters is to be able to present it at the Auto Retro in Barcelona, ​​where it is expected fire the 60th anniversary of the small car with a sample of all the models that Autonacional made and several copies of the French Biscooter.

Those readers who want to contribute to the cause can make their contribution by depositing or transferring into the checking account of the Classic Motor Club del Bages (La Caixa, 2100-3093-06-2200279122), indicating as a reference BISCUTER BOOK, name of the patron, telephone contact and contribution or number of books to be purchased. Finally, if you need more information, you can request it on the web or by calling 934 425 434.

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