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Barn Find: Horses and Dusty Snakes

If you've ever had to inventory an old family home, you know that with age we accumulate a multitude of things. When you see everything under the covers, the first thing you think is that Grandpa had a kind of "Diogenes syndrome”Potentially, but as the lumps appear, not a few jewels tend to appear that, either you did not know they were in the family, or you simply did not know completely.

Well, now imagine this but with classic cars. And no, we are not referring to finding that old 600 of your father tucked under some plastic or rescuing your uncle's 2CV from the hens ... We are talking about objectively more valuable finds. Findings such as those that the North American program usually presents us with from time to time "Barn Find Hunter”…

And it is that, yes A few months ago, the supposed discovery of that Pegaso Z-102 under the boxes of a garage jumped to not a few current motor portals ... This time he surprises us with something really spectacular: one of the best European gran tourism together with one of the wildest American sports cars. Neither more nor less than a Ferrari 275GTB and a Shelby Cobra 427 forgotten under the dust of an ordinary garage since 1991.


The story is really curious. As we have been able to find out, the owner of these jewels must have been a somewhat lonely man, although, yes, with an enormous passion for motoring. One of his best friends was his trusted mechanic who, once killed in a motorcycle accident, it was irreplaceable.

Due to this, and other changes that coincided with the death, our protagonist decided to lock them in a garage in 1991. It was not until a few months ago, and in the framework of the filming of the Barn Find Hunter program - although we do not rule out that it is another suggestive 'rediscovery' - that the contents of this dusty place have finally been inspected due to an imminent demolition order.

Demolition that fortunately will no longer take this collection ahead. And yes, we say collection because although we are overshadowed by the Ferrari and the Cobra, there was also a BMW E30 325ix -rare all-wheel drive version-, a beautiful Triumph TR-6 and a Morgan Plus 8.

Moreover, all are in a fairly reasonable state of preservation. And with a really low number of kilometers, for example marking the odometer of the 275 GTB only about 21.000 kilometers, and that of the Cobra, 30.000. A find that has required the hand of good mechanics - finally! - to roar again as before, even with some ailments.


The value of these two cars is obvious. The quote of any Ferrari 275 GTB can go through the roof, boosted by its undeniable pedigree: with less than 1.000 units assembled, this Ferrari presented in 1964 is one of the peaks of the Italian brand. One of its most successful sports gran turismo, with a captivating design and mythical mechanics like its V12 Colombo able to interpret an incredible symphony with its 24 valves, 3300 cc and around 300CV. In addition, it is the version of 'long nose', with greater stability at high speeds, with aluminum body and that equips a rare original navy blue vinyl upholstery instead of leather.

The Cobra is also not lagging behind in the mythomania it develops. Manufactured for only 4 years -like the 275 GTB-, although infinitely replicated in an official and unofficial way, the Cobra It has captivated generations thanks to its absolutely radical character, without compromise. A muscular car, dressed in a sculpted aluminum body derived from the original AC Ace and under which is hidden a V8 of 428 cubic inches and almost 400 CV. A power and nerve pump composed of a chassis, flywheel, engine and brakes.

428? And why do we say it is a 427? Because, apparently, Shelby replaced the original 427 racing engine in a batch of units with the somewhat more civilized 428. This was not authorized by Ford, so, according to the video, he was forced to call the affected cars for review and to replace the mechanics with the agreed one. Only a few specimens kept the 428s and this Cobra is one of them. In addition, since it is not an SC version, it is somewhat more sneaky than its brothers with visible escape lines. That is definitely something refreshing ...

Another interesting detail that is told in the video about the Cobras 427 is that they are absolutely lined in serial numbers. These are stamped across the entire length and width of the car, in such a way that the originality of a unit can be measured by the number of parts matching numbers, or matching numbers, which you keep. Finally, in view of the images, to say that the original Cobra have something special that distinguishes them from their replicas, even if these are official or continuation cars: We couldn't say why, but you can tell when a car came straight out of Shelby's hands in the 60s.

Let's get on with the story, which ended just a month ago (the 'discovery' happened in January), when the two stars, Ferrari and Cobra, were sold at the Gooding & Co. auction on Amelia Island. The truth is that this procedure does not interest us too much (the zeros make us a bit dizzy), but what it does is the ritual of how they dig up the cars and start them up again, as you can see in the two videos that we embedded in continuation. And it is that all that is part of mystique barn find; First you find them, then you give them palliative care, and finally you resurrect them. The final step, perhaps oversimplifying, is to wash them well and quite possibly change all the rubbers ...

Wouldn't you like to do it with your own hands? 😉

What do you think?

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Miguel Sánchez

Written by Miguel Sánchez

Through the news from La Escudería, we will travel the winding roads of Maranello listening to the roar of the Italian V12; We will travel Route66 in search of the power of the great American engines; we will get lost in the narrow English lanes tracking the elegance of their sports cars; We will speed up the braking in the curves of the Monte Carlo Rally and we will even get dusty in a garage while rescuing lost jewels.


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