Laurel de Baco Rally 2014

Antique Car Rally "Laurel de Bacchus"

On the afternoon of Friday, July 18, vintage cars gathered in the parking lot of the Leclerc de Soria Shopping Center, which were preparing to participate in the Laurel de Baco Antique Car Rally. Among them, some of our most popular models eight decades ago, such as the Ford A, Fiat Balilla and Citroën 5 CV.

Its occupants, during that afternoon and night They were dressed in period clothes. And in addition to Soria and its province, there were those from Burgos, as well as from Madrid, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, the Community of Valencia and the Basque Country.

At 20:30 p.m. they started their engines -some with the crank- and made a short journey to the Plaza Mayor, where the Soria City Council building is located.

Already near the aforementioned square, enough people stationed on both sides of the street, to contemplate the passage of vehicles. And after arriving at the destination, the joy of being so close to the cars and taking photos with them.

Other local veterans also joined the event, among others a Biscuter Zapatilla, a "blonde" Morris Minor and a Delahaye fire truck, whose license plate is from 1947. Then there was a reception at the Town Hall and a Spanish wine.

The Black Lagoon

On Saturday morning, the thirty vehicles left the Ciudad de Soria hotel at 9 o'clock. Their destination was the Laguna Negra, 50 km away, which they covered at a calm speed and with hardly any traffic.

In addition to knowing the famous lagoon, protagonist of legends, and breathe the pure air of the area, they then descended aboard their cars to the Forest Museum. In this place they could have more information about the natural resources of the region.

They then went to Vinuesa, where the meal was scheduled. Likewise, there was time to walk the cobbled streets of the town and enter the church, from the XNUMXth century.

In a hodgepodge that brought together from Ford T to Rolls and Packard, the participants reached Salduero. In this population, those who wanted they forded the river Duero with their old cars, while the others used the stone bridge.

A summer storm forced the top down on the open cars, which were beginning their return to Soria through Molinos de Duero and Abejar. Each one to the march that they believed was appropriate, they returned to the capital, where it had not rained.

Archeology and regularity

On Sunday there was more calm, since the departure to Quintana Redonda was at 10 am. Once in this town, where he had lunch, other veteran vehicles appeared that were added to the call.

The caravan continued its route to the late Roman site and Magna Mater Museum, where they had the opportunity to see the mosaics of the town under restoration.

And to finish off the concentration, a test of regularity from Magna Mater to the Fuente la Teja campsite. In total, 17 km, with three stops, some curves, slight slopes and a level crossing without barriers, which they had to travel at an average of 45 km / h.

With the help of a simple stopwatch in the passenger's hand, they covered the course normally and without squealing the tires. Now only the food remained, at the end of which the trophies and souvenirs were delivered.

All in all, a delightful meeting, held between people who share the pleasure of driving and in an environment in keeping with the vehicles.

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Written by Ignatius Saenz

I am Ignacio Sáenz de Cámara, I was born in Vitoria more than half a century ago. As it happens to many of you, I too suffered / enjoyed from a young age with that impossible to restrain attraction towards any motor vehicle. As I got older, I saw that I also liked to read everything that fell ... Read More


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