Ayrton Senna's cars

Ayrton Senna's cars

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[su_dropcap style = »light» size = »2 ″] A [/ su_dropcap] Next we will review all the cars that have been part of Ayrton Senna's life as a driver, both in Formula 1 and outside of it, with the particularity that We will show you them in miniature, specifically at 1/43 scale. The day before yesterday we met the character, and today we will do the same with their racing cars.

Before starting, I will say that most of them - those that appear in the table at the end with reference ED 43, from 1 to 16 - belong to a collection that, although produced by Minichamps, was marketed under the LANG brand in 1996 in limited edition of 350 units. It did not go on sale in specialized stores, and it could only be purchased by post by subscription. Some of the models had already been marketed by the German manufacturer before the pilot died, but those belonging to this collection were presented in a special box, with the image of the helmet on a Brazilian flag that differentiated them from the previous ones.

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Ayrton Senna's cars
A legendary helmet (Photo: Anchoafoto)

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Subsequently, Minichamps continued to market this collection under its own brand and with the same box format, with the appearance of new models, but these were already sold in stores and hence the numbering continued from 16, since some simply they are variations of the previous ones.

A laborious search

Currently, acquiring all these miniatures is not an easy task, as they are limited edition pieces and are discontinued. The latest to hit the market may still be found in a specialized trade, or online stores; the rest should be found on a website dedicated to the sale of collector's items or online auctions (such as ebay), arm yourself with patience and locate them little by little.

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Ayrton Senna's cars
Today's protagonists in training (Photo: Anchoafoto)

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Prices, due to the aforementioned circumstances, are highly variable, although in stores they were sold for approximately 40 euros. If we had to buy them at auction, it will depend on the interest that each one arouses, but they could vary in the range between 40 and 100 euros.

In the official pilot page, miniatures can be purchased in the online store; but beware, the ones for sale are 1/64 and 1/18 scale. There is even a 1/8 scale McLaren and slot cars. Having said that, Let's get down to business!

* Header photo: Norio Koike-ASE (Courtesy of the A. Senna Institute)

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