autobianchi stellina

Do you know the Autobianchi Stellina?

Description of the Lot

Autobianchi Stellina 1963 out of 502 vehicles built. This is a rare car, even at international car meetings. The Autobianchi Stellina is a small spider with a water-cooled 767-cylinder 3 cc 29 hp rear engine built between 1964 and 1965 based on the chassis of the Fiat 600D.

The car has a unique fiberglass monocoque body on a steel frame. It was the first Italian car with a fiberglass body and also one of the first in the world. The design was made by Luigi Rapi and the car was first presented as a prototype at the Torino motor show in 1963. The sale started a year later and only 502 were built, production ended in 1965. Fiat launched that year a slightly larger model in the form of the Fiat 850 spider.

Imported from Switzerland and restored under strict originality criteria. This Stellina (her name is Perlita) was built in 1963 and is ready to enjoy the winter sun. The car is in perfect condition. Pickup near Zeewolde, the Netherlands.

Estimated Price: € 19500.00

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