Wrecked Dino 246 GT auctioned by Silverstone Auctions

Rust at the price of gold

With the current auction fever practically every month, a Ferrari Dino comes out to bid and, like everything that smells like Ferrari from the 60s or 70s, their prices do not stop rising.

However, these days a piece of news has come out that has left us more than surprised. The british house Silverstone Auctions has managed to award a Dino 246 GT for 132.250 pounds, around 162.600 euros… and it is the unit that you can see in the photos.

Are the suggestive words "Barn find"? We do not know, but the fact is that thanks to this current trend for cars discovered after years in oblivion, any junk, whatever its condition, if preceded by those magic words, already has a high guaranteed price.

The amazing thing about the case at hand is that it really This Dino is in pieces. The humidity and rust have caused such an effect that part of the front has literally disappeared, and with it elements such as the grille or one of the bumpers.

Wrecked Dino 246 GT auctioned by Silverstone Auctions
The discovery fever is reaching unsuspected limits (Courtesy of Silverstone Auctions)

It is little more than what - under normal conditions - we would consider a donor, and yet it sold for an incredible 132.250 pounds !! The reason may be in the "romantic" of its story, which we will describe.


It turns out that - always according to the auction house - this unit was premiered in 1973 by a man who could only enjoy it for a year, as he immediately sold it second-hand. The new owner was a "well-known motorcycle racer" (Silverstone Auctions has omitted his name) who used to drive his new Ferrari at breakneck speeds. It did not matter the day, the place or the hour, that the fiery pilot squeezed the benefits of his new acquisition.

And how could it be otherwise, the police ended up discovering the reckless driving of this man, so that one day a chase began that the fast pilot was able to dodge, so much so that he managed to reach his house and ipso facto He proceeded to hide the Dino in the garage.

Wrecked Dino 246 GT auctioned by Silverstone Auctions
This Dino 246 thought his haven was safe ... (Courtesy of Silverstone Auctions)

To avoid major problems, its owner decided that the car would be well stored for some time, and finally did not use it again, as it has been discovered after his recent death.

In this way, when the car was released 39 years later, it only had 13.932 miles on the scoreboard. Its bad condition is explained because at a given moment the roof of the garage came down And you could say that this Ferrari has been in practice out in the open most of all these years.

As you can see, this series of misfortunes have only increased the valuation of the car, and neither its poor condition nor the fact of having the steering wheel on the right have been enough to avoid a fierce bid to achieve it.

Wrecked Dino 246 GT auctioned by Silverstone Auctions
The auction house sold another (Ferrari) Dino in perfect condition (Courtesy of Silverstone Auctions)


By pure chance, the highest price achieved by Silverstone Auctions at this May 26 auction was for another Ferrari Dino; in this case it was a unit recently restored to a high standard, which was also the car that Ferrari wore at its Earls Court Motor Show in 1971. With all this pedigree it was awarded for "only" 250.700 pounds.

Of course, if we compare it to the price / condition of the green unit, we could almost say that the latter has been almost a bargain!

What do you think?

Francisco Carrion

Written by Francisco Carrion

My name is Francisco Carrión and I was born in Ciudad Real in 1988, a place that was not at first akin to vintage cars. Fortunately my grandfather, dedicated to the automotive sector, had friends who owned veteran cars and participated in the annual rally that was held (and continues to be held) in my hometown ... View all


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