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The appearance of a Renault 4 on a Suzuki Lapin

The Renault 4 is one of the most beloved popular classics in history. So much so that, even in Japan, tributes like this kit for a Suzuki Lapin fall

The trajectory of not a few cars can be divided into at least three stages. One in which it is a new model and appropriate to the technological context of the time. Another in which it begins to be outdated, therefore its price falls overwhelmingly. And thirdly, a period where it is already beginning to be valued as a classic or a nostalgic witness of a bygone era. This is how things are, after so many decades of motorsports it is clear that the old sells. Even if, as in the case of today, it is a simple nod to past times.

In fact, this is well known by top manufacturers from BMW to Volkswagen. Both with indisputable sales successes thanks to the new Mini and Beetle respectively. Besides, Renault already announced months ago the appearance of a new electric with obvious nods to the R5. And that's not to mention everything Peugeot did with the image campaign orchestrated around the e-Legend. Clearly tributary to the lines of the 504 designed by Pininfarina.

The base for this transformation also has a certain retro feel to it.

Just a few of the many examples to understand how, in the XNUMXst century, nostalgia for models born in the XNUMXs and XNUMXs can generate rising sales figures thanks to distinction. That characteristic that, in the automotive world, is capable of being the last word in not a few acquisitions. With all this, it is worth noting to see the body kit offered in Japan by the company DAMD. Designed to be installed on a bare and urban Suzuki Lapland in order to resemble a Renault 4.


And it is that, like that French model that even came to be assembled by Alfa Romeo in Italy, the Suzuki Lapin has sober, practical and square lines. Thanks to this, discounting the time that has passed between one design and another, it is true that both have certain basic similarities. Similarities that, thanks to the sconces offered, can turn this Japanese Kei Car into a an unexpected oriental tribute to the classic Renault 4.

As we can see in the photographs, the kit focuses on recreating the iconic Renault grill in addition to, on the sides, imitating the rear lights with three vertical lights. All topped off with the characteristic plastics of the R4 located in the lower part of its sides. Own, especially, from his latest series before leaving the production chain after having sold more than eight million units. And it is that, with these figures, it is not surprising that unforeseen tributes even come to him from distant Japan. because yes, this Renault 4 kit for Suzuki Lapin It is only marketed in that country.

Photos: DAMD / Suzuki 

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