[su_dropcap style = »light» size = »4 ″] N [/ su_dropcap] here in Madrid in 1973. My love for cars, like that of many other children, started early thanks to Matchbox cars, Guisval, and the Scalextric. When I was 14 years old, I already lined my folders with engine clippings.

In 1998, while I was still studying Pharmacy, various cataclysms in my life led me to the creation, together with my brother, of the company that we run today. Thanks to this and its sector of activity, I have been able to see first-hand all the national vehicle factories and a few of the European ones, as well as many of the component factories. Not being this but one more incentive for my hobby.

I think I was 16-18 years old when my father showed us, thanks to a relative, the cars that were kept in El Pardo: a Mercedes 540 G, Rolls, and other Cadillac and Mercedes ... Back then I already treasured a magazine with articles about them; There is no doubt that this visit had a decisive influence on the family's love for vintage cars. It would not be until well into the new millennium when, thanks to an economic improvement, I was able to get my first classic.

Within the world of historical vehicles, I have written articles for the digital magazine Clásicos en Acción, I have collaborated with the loan of vehicles and written advice on Classic Cars, and more recently on Classic Motorcycles. Above all, I love going to all kinds of regularity rallies, having run several seasons of the TRECE, the Rally Ciudad de Vigo or the Rally de Sitges. I am, much to my regret, the current champion of the Alfonso XIII, a rally for vehicles prior to 45, which unfortunately has been discontinued ... Likewise, I love going to national and foreign fairs, and I avidly devour all the publications on classics that fall into my hands.

I am a very normal person in my automotive preferences, since I adore from a simple 127 to a Horch, each in its context, of course. Still, I'll get a little wet and say that, like everyone else, I have my favorites: on the one hand, any pre-war vehicle; and, on the other, the extreme sports of the seventies and eighties.


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