The Friends of the Historic Vehicles of Old Iberia visit the Royal Guard

There is a club that has enjoyed my full support and attention since its creation. Due to various factors, I have always felt linked to him: on the one hand, I have been a partner since he was practically formed, back in 2010 or 2011; it is also a club born on the web Bull skin, of which I am a regular participant.

It's about the club Friends of the Historic Vehicles of Old Iberia.

Little by little the club it is maturing as such, with the participation of more fans, a truly heterogeneous group that does nothing more than enrich the club itself. Tight quotas, together with varied and entertaining outings, means that little by little its fans are increasing in number.

The last exit has been to the museum that the Royal Guard has in the Madrid town of El Pardo, where on a rainy Saturday October 22 we were told in a private visit the history of this military establishment dating from the time of the Catholic Monarchs. The visit culminated in the impressive collection of classic automobiles in which it was possible to admire some of those that our kings still use today in official acts.

Classic officers guarded by the Royal Guard

All the pieces exhibited there are of undoubted value, both economic and historical. Pieces as impressive as the 3 Rolls-Royce Phantom IV (of which only 18 units were manufactured, all different, and mostly destined for Heads of State and Kings), which include the goat that accompanied our current monarchs on the day of your wedding, or Felipe VI at his coronation.

This collection is basically made up of the incredible cars that were at the service of the former Head of State and dictator. Mr. Francisco Franco, from the fifties until his death in 1975. From the later period, from D. Juan Carlos I onwards, only one unit of Rolls Royce Corniche is exhibited and a curious Seat 600 recharged as a racing car for Felipe VI when he was a child.

Inside the museum there is a unit that stands out with its own light, and it is the Mercedes 540 g4 (Type W31) that Hitler gave to General Franco. The car has a lot of black legend, at most what surrounded the lives of both dictators; The truth is that today it is not the only Mercedes of 6 wheels type 31 of that time that can be contemplated; there is another for example in the Sinsheim German Museum.

What is true is that it is the most original that is known; since its little more than 19.000 km are all registered and include anecdotes such as taking Ike (D. Eisenhower) himself, from the pardo to the nearby heliport of Mingorubio, which was taken quite positively, as if it were the display of a war trophy.

Cooked to finish off the play

After the private visit to the museum that includes about twenty cars and motorcycles, the club members attended a tasting of a magnificent Madrid stew in one of the local restaurants.

On this occasion, the majority opted for their modern vehicles for the previous concentration, since the forecasts threatened heavy rains, an aspect that was fully met ...

Still, some brave dared with their classic saddles being able to see parked near the barracks the magnificent two-stroke Saab by E. Tejera, a Dyane 6 or a Porsche 964 Turbo. Once again this variety of cars only confirms the richness and diversity of this club "Friends of Historic Vehicles of Old Iberia ”.

What do you think?

Antonio Silva

Written by Antonio Silva

My name is Antonio Silva, I was born in Madrid in 1973. Thanks to my company I have been able to know first-hand all the national vehicle factories and a few of the European ones, as well as many of the component factories, this being nothing but an incentive more for my hobby ... View all


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