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American Cars Algarve Show 2017

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For the sixth consecutive year, thousands of people from all over Europe, fans and curious, went to the leisure park of the figures in Faro, Portugal, to a great Americancars Algarve Show. This event, that raises the name of the Algarve capital beyond borders and whose organization is in charge of the Sulpezas, takes us back to the decades of the 40s, 50s, 60s, in the true style of the American cult.

More than just a car show, this event, held between August 26 and 27, aims to keep the flame of North American culture alive.

They are very well preserved cars, some restored, that come out once or twice a month, true relics for their owners who have the eyes of those who contemplate them.

Hollywood, Scooby, pin-ups and more

This year Hollywood came to the Algarve with cars from movies and series that remind us of our childhood. The car of the 3 Dukes Dukes of Hazzard, the DeLorean, from the movie 'Back to the Future', the Kitt from the 'Knight-Rider' series and the most recent, the Camaro from the movie 'Transformers', Bumblebee, were the delight of those who passed by.

Once again we have the presence of the beloved Scooby Doo, who allowed himself to be photographed with children and funny people, to the joy of all.

On stage, the Best Pin-up contest, with all the girls dressed strictly, attracted hundreds of people. This year's winner, among other awards, won a photographic report in two international specialty magazines.

The 4 bands hired to animate the event were chosen in detail; you could hear several different sounds, such as Rock n Roll, Blue Grass, Rockabilly and Blues. The bands on stage infected the crowd and the audience vibrated to the sound of the greatest hits of the 50s.

The great novelty of this year, in terms of animation, was a seductive and enigmatic burlesque show that captured the attention of everyone who passed by. We will repeat in the next edition! And once again, we have the American football demonstration by the well-known Faro Algarve Skarks team.

From our neighboring Spain 'El Molina' came to do a BMX show, with maneuvers, tricks and risky stunts but which denotes the excellent physical condition and balance of which he is possessed.

American Cars Algarve: A complete success

For those who like the world of transformation, chopper bicycles could be seen again this year in the 'Pedales del Asfalto' space, a group from Faro. Some bikes were production models but many others were handcrafted.

In total, within the enclosure there were more than thirty stands with North American-inspired items such as clothing, artifacts and the like. Tattoos, barbershop ... anything was possible!

There was obviously a very diverse eating and drinking area, and also a leisure area for the little ones.

It was a success!

We will continue working to do more and better, to carry the name of Faro and the Algarve further and further ... We promise to return with the 7th Americancars Algarve edition on August 18 and 19, 2018 in Faro. Make a note of the appointment.

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Written by The Escudería

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