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More and more examples of restomod are capable of making even the most futuristic hobbyist vibrate. Without going any further, just a few days ago we were talking about a Datsun Sports 1600 to fable with what would have been the Japanese answer to the Porsche Speedster. However, the truth is that in all the restomod listed to date the changes occurred, especially under the hood. You know, at the end of the day that is the usual formula in this type of modifications: original bodywork, altered mechanics.

However, what we have today is just the other way around. Or well, at least something never seen before. And it is that the boys of alfaholics have once again surprised with a work of radical transformation on a Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe Bertone. Although it goes, more than a transformation we should talk about a new work. Why? Because Instead of modifying a standard coupe, what these Brits have done is build an imitation monocoque… in carbon fiber!

alfa alfaholics carbon

Yes, you read it right. Neither more nor less than copying the beautiful bodywork of this mythical Alfa to make it entirely in a state-of-the-art material. Something like if Horacio Pagani - one of the first in this carbon in the chassis - had chosen to recreate sports myths of the past with futuristic materials. An exceptional hybrid between past and future that, not yet an original Alfa Romeo GTA, promises strong sensations. The same as those of Alfaholics already did with their GTA-R 290 restomod. Pay attention to how it roars on the circuit:


Well, let's pause. Not surprisingly, the video we have just seen is one of those recordings in which your pulse quickens. An exceptional roar for a car with which Alfaholics jumped to the rotaries of the engine thanks to a really impressive work. And that this of the restomod is not without its controversy. But anyway, even with all the modifications that the GTA-R the truth is that the spirit of the icon alfista was fully present.

A modification in which, under the steel body of a Giulia GT Coupé crashed in Spain, a Twin Spark engine from an Alfa Romeo was hidden. A mechanical goldsmith in which they managed to get 240CV for only 830 kilos. That leaves a weight / power ratio of 290CV per ton., which is why the creature was baptized with the name of GTA-R 290. Less than 100 extra kilos compared to an original Giulia GTA, and about 125CV more! Simply heart attack.

alfa alfaholics carbon

Well, now Alfaholics returns to the fray with the presentation of this fiberglass monocoque. Target? Achieve an even better power / weight ratio. The figures declared for this chassis are 70 kilos less than those given for an original one in steel, and 38 less than those of the GTA-R 290, which was already lightened compared to that of a Giulia GT Coupé. And it is that this model had already been tested with the use of carbon fiber. Specifically in the doors, the hood and the trunk.


For now Alfaholics has only offered data on the chassis that we are showing you. However, certain mechanical improvements have been announced over the GTA-R 290 from which it will be derived. Regarding the engine, it seems that it will continue with the same engine, while the main modifications will be made in the geometry of the suspensions. A geometry with which the behavior of this Alfa Romeo restomod will surely be even more radical.

And that is the hallmark of the creatures launched by the British Alfaholics: radicalism. A radicality based especially on lightness, since to complete this carbon fiber sports car, titanium components will be used. Specifically in the suspension. In short, a wonderful madness in which the fury of Italian sports cars seems to have been mixed with the emphasis on lightness of the British Colin Chapman.

At this time there are still no temporary forecasts about when the finished project will see the light of day, although we will surely inform you of the launch. Not in vain, this company is a reference for algistas, even starting from the not very purist approach of the modification. Something that, here, has taken a step further to start with a newly built chassis. Anyway, can you think of a better way to unite modernity and tradition?

What do you think?

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Miguel Sánchez

Written by Miguel Sánchez

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