Can I choose an independent attorney in the event of a hit?

It is very likely that throughout our lives we will face a traffic accident. Therefore, It is necessary to know the procedure to follow after the blow to be able to solve everything in the fastest and most efficient way. The first thing to do is report the accident to our insurance. On the other hand, in the event that there are injuries, they must go to a medical center or hospital to be treated during the 24 hours following the accident. Finally, it will be necessary to make an approximate calculation of the damages that have occurred in the vehicle (s), a procedure that is usually carried out in a workshop through the services of an expert.

Once this is done, the victim or victims of a traffic accident must decide whether to continue claiming compensation for the damage suffered. through insurance companies' claims services or through an independent traffic accident attorney. They may designate the latter at any time, always making the appropriate notifications so that claims are not duplicated.

From the moment the insurer receives the part, it has a period of three months to offer compensation to the victims. However, whenever it is a claim between two or more vehicles, these periods are usually reduced to a few weeks thanks to the existing agreements between insurers. Once the at fault insurer accepts responsibility for what happened, it will be the moment to negotiate the different compensation for personal and material damages.

In the event that the opposing company rejects the claim or does not want to take charge of all the consequences thereof, it must explain in writing the reasons that justify its decision. Then, the injured party can present allegations to try to continue negotiating amicably. Finally, if these allegations do not bear fruit, if the victim considers them unnecessary or if he has already placed the problem in the hands of a lawyer from the beginning, he may file a claim and legal actions for damages through civil law through a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents.

Reasons to hire an independent lawyer after an accident

As for any other problem, the best solution is always to look for professionals who can advise us based on their experience and reputation. In this case, it is important to know that Yes, you can turn to an independent lawyer for legal help when having a traffic accident.

Yes it is possible, and it is especially recommended, in the event that insurance companies are not meeting our expectations And let us have no one else - such as an influential insurance broker - to turn to. A specialized lawyer will look after our interests and will have arguments of legal force to try to force the insurance sector to meet its obligations.

On the other hand, it must also be borne in mind that the lawyer specialized in traffic accidents will always know the latest laws or, for example, up to what compensation he can claim and get. Of course, he will always try to find the most beneficial result.

Likewise, an accident attorney has dealt with a large number of cases different with very different circumstances, types of accidents and injuries. Therefore, he has the necessary experience both to advise and guide the victim or victims and to defend and take the case of the cause of the coup.

It is also important to know that it is possible to hire the services of a lawyer through insurance companies. However, while the lawyers provided by the insurers are dedicated to handling the case assigned to them through certain routines, independent and specialized traffic accident lawyers are completely free to approach it in the way that they consider most suitable. In addition, one of their priorities, beyond obtaining the maximum possible compensation, is to obtain the best medical care for the injured person (s) they can receive, regardless of the price and thus ensuring their well-being. Most of the time they work with specialized doctors capable of correctly determining the severity of the injuries and even the consequences that could remain after the traffic accident.

In short, after a blow and to achieve adequate compensation for it, a specialized lawyer is a great option to consider instead of going to the claims services of the insurers. Especially when there is no insurance mediator to turn to, we are looking for the best deal, the best way to handle our specific case and, above all, that our interests are protected.

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